10 Best Website to Watch Anime

Best Website to Watch Anime – Anime is, without a doubt, entertaining. It is not a surprise if anime is gaining popularity around the world.

The question is, where can you watch anime? To help you enjoy your favorite anime, we make a list of the best website to watch anime.

Here Are 10 Best Website to Watch Anime

1. Crunchyroll

Watch Anime on Crunchyroll

In the anime streaming game, Crunchyroll is among the older players. It is not surprising if the site is almost synonymous with the manga and anime culture for the western audience.

Not only it offers an anime streaming service, but it is also a one-stop-shop for anime merchandise.

Crunchyroll supports various languages, including English, Italian, France, and Dutch, among others. It also allows you to add reviews of the anime that you have watched.

2. Anime Planet

Anime-Planet: Anime Recommendations

If you are looking for an anime streaming platform that offers over 45,000 episodes, look no further than the Anime Planet.

Housing a plethora of titles, you will be immersed in the world of adventure, comedy, horror, and others, for free. Yes, for free.

You can access various anime, manga, recommendations, and reviews by fans. It has forums for anime watchers, too.

3. Best Website to Watch Anime: Funimation

Funimation free anime

Next to Crunchyroll, Funimation is the one that is responsible for bringing anime to a wider audience, particularly western ones. As an anime streaming platform, Funimation boasts over 13,000 hours of original content.

That’s not the only thing that Funimation offers, of course. It offers ongoing anime series as well as subbed and dubbed versions of various anime.

If you like to watch dubbed anime, Funimation is among the best website to watch anime.

4. 9anime

9anime watch anime

Perhaps you want to enjoy your favorite anime in high quality? In that case, go to 9anime. The website offers various anime series and movies in high-quality 1080p.

You can also choose to watch subbed or dubbed anime. All these are available for free. No registration is required.

5. AnimeDao

Watch English Subbed Anime Online

Of all the best website to watch anime, AnimeDao is a strong contender when it comes to content, video quality, ease of use, availability, loading speeds, and reliability.

If you want to have a smooth anime streaming experience, AnimeDao is your go-to.

The platform consumes low bandwidth and you can adjust the video quality anywhere between 340p and 1080p. Yes, a slow connection speed is not an excuse not to watch your favorite anime.

6. AnimeLab

watch anime free

Living in Australia or New Zealand? In that case, just go to AnimeLab if you want to watch anime.

The website has a nice UI, is very easy to navigate through, and offers a wide range of anime titles in high resolution.

Better yet, it can work across multiple devices. So regardless of what device you are using, you can enjoy your favorite anime on AnimeLab.

7.  AnimeHeaven

anime website recommendation

AnimeHeaven has tons of anime series and movies, both old and new, subbed and dubbed.

Not to mention it has fewer ads as well, which means you can be immersed in the anime you are watching without being interrupted.

Do keep in mind that most of the anime series and movies on the platform are available in 780p or 1080p.

8. Asian Crush

best anime website

True to its name, Asian Crush is a platform that offers various Asian series, movies, as well as dramas. Of course, that includes anime series as well.

If you are looking for an anime streaming website that offers more than just anime, Asian Crush is your go-to website.

9. AniPlus Asia

AniPlus Asia best anime website

If you are looking for an anime streaming platform that is exclusively made for anime lovers, then look no further than AniPlus Asia.

Streaming is but one of the services AniPlus Asia offers. It also sells anime merchandise, has a community for anime lovers, and offers various anime-related games and events.

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10. My Anime List

website to watch anime

Technically, My Anime List is not a website where you can watch an anime. It is, however, an excellent place to find the ratings, reviews, and lists of anime.

You can make an account and make a list of anime you have watched and plan to watch as well as discuss with other fellow anime watchers on the forum.

So although My Anime List is not a website to watch anime, it is definitely worth checking out.

Watching anime is fun. You just have to know where to watch it. The above are some of the best website to watch anime.

Now that you know the websites, the next time you want to watch anime, you know where to go.

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