10 Best Website to Watch Korean Drama

Best Website to Watch Korean Drama – It is not a secret that Korean dramas are addictive. As such, it is not surprising if many people are binge-watching their favorite Korean dramas.

Don’t know where to watch them? No problem. Below, we make a list of the 10 best website to watch Korean drama.

Here Are 10 Best Website to Watch Korean Drama

1. WeTV

WeTV korean drama

Although WeTV was released in 2019, it has since gained popularity as an international streaming platform.

WeTV offers various Asian dramas and movies. Of course, that includes Korean dramas as well.

Since WeTV is a rather new streaming platform, it doesn’t have as many collections as older streaming platforms. T4

That said, WeTV is adding more and more dramas and movies into its collections rapidly.

2. Viu

korean drama recommendation

Viu is definitely among the best website to watch Korean drama. How could it not? The streaming platform offers a huge library of dramas with high quality.

While the platform has so many titles under its belt, navigating through it is easy.

There is no need to register or subscribe to enjoy your favorite drama on this platform, which is a huge plus.

3. Best Website to Watch Korean Drama: Netflix

Best Website to Watch Korean Drama

Yes, Netflix is on the list, too. This is hardly surprising considering Netflix has a good share of Korean dramas and is available in many countries.

To stream a Korean drama, you will need to register and subscribe. This shouldn’t be a problem since the platform is very trustworthy.

Other than streaming services, Netflix also offers an offline viewing option, allowing you to watch your favorite drama on the go.

4. Viki

Viki korean drama

Want to watch Korean dramas for free? Consider Viki as your go-to website then. The platform offers over 200 dramas and has a few “Viki originals” dramas as well.

If you want to get rid of the advertisements, you can choose the paid viewing option.

Keep in mind that while Viki allows you to stream Korean dramas, you cannot download the content.

5. Asiancrush

korean drama recommendations

Asiancrush is a streaming platform that offers about 1,000 Asian series and movies, including Korean dramas. What’s great about this platform is that it offers easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow subtitles.

Not only that, if you go premium, you can watch your favorite dramas in HD. The only downside of this platform is that it is only available in North America.

6. Myasiantv

best korean drama

Myasiantv is one of those streaming platforms that offer streaming services for free.

Better yet, Myasiantv is available in many countries and has almost all the latest dramas (they are subtitled, too!), despite being a relatively new website.

There is no registration required as well. So you can just go to the website and watch your favorite Korean drama right away.

7. Hulu

watch korean drama

Besides Netflix, Hulu is another streaming platform that offers an offline viewing option. Unlike Netflix, however, it features paid and unpaid options with similar experiences.

The audio clarity, as well as the quality of the content, is exceptional in the majority of its collections.

Of course, if you want to get the best viewing experience, you need to choose the paid option. If you are an unpaid user, the number of available content will be limited.

8. Kocowa

Website to Watch Korean Drama

Kocowa is another subscription-based streaming platform. It allows not just streaming but also downloading. Kocowa is great because its contents have instant updates with excellent subtitles.

If you go premium, you will be able to watch your favorite dramas in HD and will not be disturbed by advertisements. Kocowa, however, is only available in North and South America.

9. Gooddrama

Gooddrama korean drama

If you are looking for a streaming platform that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, then look no further than Gooddrama.

The platform is free and requires no registration. It has various Korean dramas but they are well-organized, making it easier for users to find the one they want to watch.

However, the audio quality of Gooddrama contents is slightly poor compared to that of other streaming platforms.

10. Hancinema

Hancinema korean drama

Unlike the other websites on the list, Hancinema offers exclusively Korean content. It is also more of a database than a website to stream Korean drama.

If you want to watch a drama, you just need to click any of the links provided on the drama’s page, which contains other information such as plot summary and cast.

Now you know the best website to watch Korean drama. So the next time you want to binge-watch your favorite Korean dramas, you know the websites to go to. We hope this helps. Have fun!

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