15 Best Seinen Anime to Kill Your Boredom

Anime comes in many types. There is shonen manga for boys and shojo manga for girls. Another type is the seinen anime which is a manga that is specifically marketed toward the young adult men. If you are looking for the best seinen anime, you’ll see a complete list of 15 seinen anime down here.

Best Seinen Anime Recommendations


nonton Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate is an anime adapted from a game that was announced on July 25, 2010.

Before being adapted to anime, the manga of Steins;Gate was released on September 26, 2009, also adapted from the game. The anime has a setting of summer 2010, a year after the Akihabara Chaos;Head.

The game that inspired this seinen anime is about time traveling. The concept of both game and anime is similar, with the main character trying hard several times to do many things that can change some things in the future.

If you’re a lover of the mysterious time traveling things, this seinen anime is for you.

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top anime seinen

Hinamatsuri is another seinen manga from Japan about a yakuza member named Yoshifumi Nitta.

This yakuza member ends up becoming a caretaker of Hina who is a mysterious girl who has telekinetic powers. What makes this seinen anime become a special anime?

The story of Yoshifumi Nitta may make you think that this Hinamatsuri is a boring anime. Well, you’re completely wrong.

This anime gets better when some events make more girls come from the future and have a mission to bring Hina back to the future or to terminate her. Find out what happens now.

Zankyou No Terror

Zankyou No Terror

This anime has main characters named Twelve and Nine. Both of them are teenage boys who steal the atomic bomb prototype in the terrorist attack.

Both boys call themselves Supinkusu or Sphinx. They then upload a video to the internet. Both of them then threaten to ruin Tokyo city.

They will not destroy the city if someone can solve the cryptic riddle.

Both boys are the survivors of Rising Peace Academy’s secret experiment that is developing orphaned kids who have Savant syndrome to become human weapons.

The story may seem complicated but you’ll enjoy this best seinen anime.


best anime drama

Japan has a manga named Ajin: Demi-Human that was adapted into an anime film and anime TV series.

This anime has Nagai Kei who is just a student but then experiences a traffic accident, being fatally wounded, and then realized that he is an Ajin. What is Ajin?

In the Ajin anime, the word Ajin is for some humans who possess the ability of extreme regenerative and immortality.

This ability allows those humans to recover completely from mortal injury only in a few seconds. But Ajin also creates the black ghosts, the dangerous entities that are oriented to combat.

Bungou Stray Dogs

top seinen anime

Also adapted from Japanese manga, Bungou Stray Dogs is an anime that has a story which focuses on Atsushi Nakajima, a young adult.

This man has been kicked out of the orphanage where he grew up. But then Atsushi stops a detective who tries to committed suicide.

Atsushi then learns that he has a unique supernatural ability: he can transform into a white tiger under the moonlight.

Atsushi joins the detective he saved before into an Agency where there are many other people who also have special supernatural abilities. If you want a unique story, Bungou Stray Dogs is the one.


Psycho-Pass seinen anime

Psycho-Pass is a story about a rookie inspector named Akane Tsunemori.

With the futuristic era as the setting, you will see a Sibyl System which is a powerful computer network that is using the Criminally Asymptomatic brains’ minds to measure the Japanese citizens’ brains biometrics.

That system will result in an assessment that is named a Psycho-Pass or Saikopasu in Japanese.

It includes the numeric index of Crime Coefficient and will reveal the criminality potential of the citizens. This anime is the right one if you love the crime and science fiction genre.

Hanamaru Kindergarten

Hanamaru Kindergarten anime

Also known as Hanamaru Yochien is an anime that is also adapted from the manga series. The main character in this anime is a kindergarten girl named Anzu.

She falls in love with the teacher and tries her best to win the teacher’s affection. However, she always fails.

You will also see some other characters, the friends of Anzu, Hiragi the eccentric and Koume the shy.

Unlike the previous seinen anime, Hanamaru Kindergarten is a light option. No need to think hard to understand the simple plot. Enjoy the cute funny kindergarten kids competing for their teacher’s love.

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-Kun Best Seinen Anime

Aoyama-Kun Best Seinen Anime

Also known as Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun, this seinen anime is also adapted from the manga series.

Just like the previous anime series, Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-Kun is a light comic that you can enjoy anytime. The main character of this anime is Aoyama, the first year student.

He is a brilliant soccer player but he has an extreme obsession with cleanliness.

The twelve episodes of the television series have been released in 2017, from July to September, based on the thirteen episodes of its manga series that were released in 2014. Have you watched this one?

Parasyte: The Maxim

Parasyte The Maxim Anime

There is a Parasyte movie but actually it was also adapted from Japanese seinen manga, just like the Parasyte: The Maxim anime series.

This anime’s genre is science fiction and horror. Why do you have to consider watching this anime? One reason is because it won a Kodansha Manga Award.

Another reason is it also won a Seiun Award in 1996 as the best manga. The main character of the manga and anime is Shinichi Izumi, a 17 year old student who lives in Fukuyama, Hiroshima.

Then one night, aliens attack the earth and take over human’s brains. Watch the anime to know more.


Mushi-Shi best anime

Mushishi anime was also adapted from the manga series. Just like precious anime, Mushishi won some awards including Tokyo Anime Award and Kodansha Manga Award.

Many publications have also praised Mushishi. That’s why it must be on your anime list.

The setting of this anime is in the imaginary time, somewhere between Edo period and Meiji period.

The story is about creatures that are called Mushi which looks like supernatural powers. Most humans cannot perceive Mushi because of the ethereal nature. You need to watch this to know what happen next.

Ping Pong The Animation

Ping Pong The Animation

Japanese manga, Ping Pong, was adapted into the live action film in 2002. And then the anime series adaptation was aired in 2014.

This anime’s main character will be some high school boys named Smile and Peco. Both of them are best friends for years.

Now, both Smile and Peco are the table tennis club members of the Katase High School. But then some Chinese student defeated Peco and made him quit practicing.

Smile has a personality that always makes him fail in winning the ping pong game against Peco. Join their adventure in the anime.

3-Gatsu No Lion

best anime strategy

Next best seinen anime is the story of Rei Kiriyama. He was born in a family of famous Shogi players in Japan. Rei’s grandfather was a professional shogi player.

Rei became a pro player when he was young. But the happiness is over as Rei’s parents died in a car accident.

Rei was adopted by a friend of his father but couldn’t find happiness in his new family. Then he met Akari Kawamoto who is also an orphan.

Rei started to find his happiness again. However, someone from his past comes up and ready to ruin Rei’s life again.

One Punch Man

best seinen anime

If you prefer a superhero anime, One Punch Man belongs to you. This anime focuses on a superhero named Saitama.

He can defeat his opponent simply by using his single punch. He is now doing his best to find the worthy opponent since he is bored facing the ‘weak’ ones.

Watch One Punch Man and join Saitama as he faces ‘weak’ opponents such as King, Blizzard, Bang the martial artist, and a bunch of monsters.


Akira best seinen

This one is a cyberpunk manga and anime series from Japan. The manga has six different volumes; Tetsuo, Akira I, Akira II, Kei I, Kei II, and Kaneda.

Both in the manga series and anime series, you will see Tetsuo Shima and some other characters including Shotaro Kaneda, Kei, and so on.

Giant Killing

Best anime Giant Killing

Finally, there is the last best seinen anime called Giant Killing. It is about ETU, the East Tokyo United that has been truly struggling in the football league in Japan for a couple years.

The ETU fans even start abandoning this team. But ETU doesn’t quit. It hired the new couch, Tatsumi Takeshi the eccentric coach.

Even though he has an eccentric characteristic, Tatsumi Takeshi was considered as a great player of football back then when he was young.

But it doesn’t mean Takeshi can fix every single problem faced by ETU. To know how successful Takeshi is in guiding ETU, watch the entire series of this Giant Killing.

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