How to Replace A Broken Window By Yourself

A broken window can be so dangerous that you have to fix it as soon as possible. Whether it is a big or small damage, a broken window can cause anyone to get injured. Thus, any homeowners need to know how to replace a broken window.

However, you need to be good at it because you have to avoid danger while replacing the window. Besides knowing what you have to do, you also have to prepare the right tools required to replace the window.

1. Checking The Damage Level

Checking The Damage Level

Should you plan for DIY instead of hiring a professional, it is important to understand the damage level of the window. The more cracks that it has, the more work that you need since all parts may be repaired or replaced. Though it has a hole, check other parts of the window first.

On an important note, you should ensure that you are safe before touching any parts of the window. It is dangerous when there is a hole in the glass window. Therefore, wear gloves to avoid any injury risk. Check the important part only, around the main broken part.

2. Remove The Broken Window

Replacing The New Window

After you have checked the damage level, it is time to remove the broken window. It is the most important step of how to replace a broken window. It means the damage that window has needs a replacement for all parts, not only the glass and its glass frame.

In case the level of damage is low you only have to replace the glass part, you can remove the broken glass only. You have to be very careful to not get injured. After that, find the glass replacement. The size should fit the broken part only.

3. Measure the Window

how to replace a broken window

Once the window has been removed, it is time to measure the window to have a good replacement. It should fit the main frame, so there is no space between the window. It avoids any danger and also the wind or rain enter from the hole.

4. Replacing The New Window

Replacing The New Window

The last step is replacing the new window. Replacing it should be careful since most windows are heavy. The side of the window needs to glaze. For this step, you have to choose the right knife so it will not damage any parts of the window itself. It’s tricky, so be careful and slow.

The window will look better if you paint it to fit the concept of the house you want. It increases the mood and the look, both interior and exterior. The drying time will be different, depending on the type of paint you use for the window frame.

After you learn how to replace a broken window above, you may not need a professional to do it. A DIY project to replace it is cost-efficient as long as you can measure it well and have the tools to support every step. Replace it as soon as possible since a broken window is dangerous.

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