10 Best Anime Openings You Don’t Want to Miss

Best Anime Openings – Let’s admit it. We are all guilty of skipping through anime opening songs at some point. But, although some people don’t have the patience to sit through the song, we all have our own favorite anime opening songs.

In this post, we make a list of some of the best anime openings. See if favorites are on the list.

Best Anime Openings Of All Time

1. Howling (Darker Than Black)

Artist: Abingdon Boys School

The opening starts with a somber monologue. Not long after, comes a heavy guitar as the title of the series flashes on the screen.

The screen then pans out, revealing the characters one by one. The song fits perfectly with the theme of the Darker than Black. It reminds you of the late 2000s.

2. Database (Log Horizon)

Artist: Man with a Mission feat. Takuma

Of all the best anime openings on the list, Database is among the ones that successfully build up the hype of the show.

The beats of the drum and guitar riffs accompany you into the world of Log Horizon.

3. The Hero (One Punch Man)

Artist: JAM Project

There is no way we can make a list without including One Punch Man’s first opening. Performed by JAM Project, the song pumps your spirit up to be a hero just like Saitama.

The song is not the only great thing about the opening, though. As the song pumps up your spirit, you will see Saitama in action.

4. This Game (No Game, No Life)

Artist: Angel Lunair

A few seconds in and you are greeted by a beautiful piano that becomes more upbeat as time goes on. Then the guitar riff enters.

At the same time, the iconic pink outline scheme and pastel color palette are shown. It is an upbeat song that introduces you to the visually beautiful world of No Game No Life.

5. Best Anime Openings: Redo (Re: Zero)

Artist: Konomi Suzuki

This opening is an art. Not only it has an amazing song but the plot points of Re: Zero are showcased as well. The constantly interrupting guitar, for example, helps to emphasize an endless loop.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, you might not notice the subtleties. But once you do, you will how great the opening is.

6. Yoru wa Nemureru kai (Ajin)

Artist: Flumpool

The opening is nothing short of a masterpiece. As you listen to cascading guitar notes that keep progressing into an energetic and heavy riff, you see beautiful animation showcasing the world and characters of Ajin in action.

The opening is closed with an explosive scene and wavering voices.

7. 99 (Mob Psycho 100)


At a glance, the character design of Mob Psycho 100 is simple. Here’s what makes it so attractive: the fluid motion. Combined with the energetic and motivating song, it sets the mood and hypes up the show well.

The opening ends exactly like it starts, creating an endless loop. The opening is just too fun to skip. Here’s a fun fact: the song counts from 0 to 99.

8. Asterisk (Bleach)

Artist: Orange Range

If you want a song that takes you back to the late 2000s, this will be the one. Asterisk has not only rap and a catchy pop tune but also powerful rock elements.

And of course, it follows the rules of cool as it shows Bleach’s characters in urban-inspired clothing. It is an opening from a simpler time indeed.

9. Unravel (Tokyo Ghoul)

Artist: Toru Kitajima

The opening starts slowly with whispers but soon progresses into a series of cries and wails before finishing with beautiful piano keys.

As for the animation, the scenes are beautifully animated with some being surreal. All in all, it allows us to peek into the mind of Kaneki.

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10.  Colors (Code Geass)

Artist: FLOW

This unmistakably anime song is very catchy. The energetic and upbeat guitar and trumpet guide us through the highlights of Code Geass.

It sets a unique, nostalgic tone. In this opening, we get to see and hear things that make Code Geass: Lelouch riding a horse, Zero’s mask, and of course, “jibun wo!”.

That’s our list of some of the best anime openings that you don’t want to miss. If you haven’t listened to them yet, it is a good time to. Who knows maybe you have a new favorite anime opening or two.

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