7 Best Short Anime Series to Put on Your Watchlist

Best Short Anime Series – Long anime adaptations are the norm. Of course, that doesn’t mean short ones are bad. Short anime can be refreshing after you binge-watching a long anime.

The problem is, there are many short anime out there. To help you find ones worth watching, we make a list of some of the best short anime series.

The short anime series on the list have between 11 and 22 episodes, so you can finish a series in just a few days. Although they are short, they are as fun and entertaining as long anime series.

Here Are 7 Best Short Anime Series to Put on Your Watchlist

1. Katanagatari

anime Katanagatari

Episodes: 12

Shichika Yasuri is the seventh head of the Kyotouryuu school, a sword-fighting style in which the user wields his own body as a blade.

His quiet life soon changes when Togame, an ambitious strategist who serves the shogun, requests his help to collect the Deviant Blades for the shogunate.

2. Darwin’s Game

best anime recommendations

Episodes: 11

Kaname Sudou tries Darwin’s Game, a mobile game that his classmates invited him to play. When he opens the application, a surreal experience occurs.

A green snake comes out from the screen and bites him, leaving the boy unconscious. Not long after, he opens the app again, only to find out that the mobile game is actually a brutal fight for survival.

3. Best Short Anime Series: Ping Pong the Animation

short anime series

Episodes: 11

Smile and Peco both love ping pong. However, Smile shows little ambition while Peco aims to be the world’s best ping pong player.

Ping Pong the Animation tells how the pair will face whatever the odds to achieve not just national but also international stardom.

4. The Devil as a Part-Timer

Anime The Devil as a Part-Timer

Episodes: 13

After his failed attempt at conquering the land of Ente Isla, the Demon Lord Satan retreated through a dimensional portal which brought him to modern-day Tokyo.

Stuck in the human world without his power, he now has to work a part-time job at MgRonald to make ends meet.

5. Zankyou no Terror

anime Zankyou no Terror

Episodes: 11

The series tells the story of two teenage boys known as Nine and Twelve.

The two are the ones behind the masked figures of Sphinx, who not just challenge the police but also threatening to destroy Tokyo.

6. The Promised Neverland

best short anime

Episodes: 12

At a glance, the Grace Field House looks like an orphanage in which orphans living together happily as one big family.

The orphans can spend their time as they want, but they must test every day and must never venture too far from the orphanage.

The three oldest siblings in the orphanage, however, are suspicious of the real nature of the orphanage. The three are about to discover the true nature of their beloved “Mama” and the orphanage.

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7. Psycho Pass

Anime Psycho Pass

Episodes: 22

In the 22nd century Japan, a system known as the Sybil System is used to enforce justice.

As things unfold, Akane Tsunemori learns that the system’s judgment is not as perfect as it was assumed to be. What justice truly is? Can justice be upheld through the use of a corrupt system?

These are some of the best short anime series. You can finish a series in just a few days, even in a single day if you binge-watch it in a one sitting.

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