7+ Top Manhwa Online You Don’t Want to Miss

Top Manhwa Online – Manhwa have become increasingly popular in recent years as they attract the attention of so many comic fans. They are more than just comics, however.

Want to know more about them? Here, we will tell you not just what they are but also where you can read them and a list of top manhwa online right now.

What are Korean Manhwa Webtoons?

Alright, let’s start with definitions first. What are manhwa? And what are webtoons? The two terms are often used interchangeably. They mean the same: comics. How do they differ?

What makes the two terms different is that manhwa refers specifically to Korean comics, while webtoons are more general.

That is, webtoons refer to every comic that is published online. You can put it like this: all manhwa are webtoons but not all webtoons are manhwa.

Where Can I Read Manhwa Online?

Unlike comics or manga, manhwa webtoons are digital mediums. With comics or manga, when a new issue is released, you can buy a physical copy then read it. Manhwa are different.

Manhwa webtoons, on the other hand, are digital. When a new issue is published, you can read them online immediately on your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

You just need an internet connection. This makes it very convenient.

Now the question is, where can you read manhwa online? Right now, there are two major platforms on which you can read manhwa. These platforms are Webtoon and Tapas.

Webtoon, just like the name implies, focuses exclusively on manhwa webtoons. Tapa, on the other hand, offers not just manhwa but also novels. You can read manhwa on these platforms for free.

There is also Lezhin. Lezhin offers premium, mature manhwa. However, unlike Webtoon and Tapas, Lezhin is not free. You need to pay to read manhwa on the website.

Top Manhwa Online Right Now

There are so many manhwa out there it can be overwhelming to choose which one to read. After all, there are literally thousands of manhwa out there.

To help you start your manhwa-reading journey, we make a list of 7 top manhwa online that are beloved by so many fans.

1. Sweet Home Manhwa

Read Sweet Home Manhwa

Do you like the zombie apocalypse genre? If you do, you’d love Sweet Home. This manhwa puts a twist on the genre, however. Rather than zombies, the threat there are strange and colorful monsters.

Our protagonist is Hyun Cha, a depressed high school student who just recently moved to a tower block in Seoul.

Unfortunately, as the world outside is overtaken by monsters, he and other survivors are stuck in the tower block. They have to work together to fight against the monsters.

2. Noblesse Manhwa

Top Manhwa Online

If a fantasy action series is what you are looking for, you definitely want to check out Noblesse.

It tells the story of Cadis Etrama di Raizel or Rai, who just woke up from his eight-century-long sleep. He finds himself in modern-day Korea.

With the help of Frankenstein, Rai must learn to adapt to the modern age. Things don’t go as smoothly as Rai wanted, however.

He must deal with an evil, dangerous cabal. He has no choice but to use his mysterious power to protect those who are dear to him.

3. The God of High School Manhwa

The God of High School Manhwa

The God of High School tells the exploits of Mori Jin, a high school student who enters a martial arts tournament known as “God of High School”.

The tournament is held by a shady organization that promises the winner that they will grant anything the winner desires.

Mori Jin, who has been trained in taekwondo since he was little, must face various opponents to win the tournament.

If you want to read a manhwa with intense action, this one is for you.

4. Tower of God Manhwa

Read Tower of God

Tower of God is among the top manhwa online today. Created by SIU, this manhwa has a reader base in the millions, which is quite an impressive feat.

The manhwa tells the story of Bam, a boy who lived under the Tower of God with his friend, Rachel. One day, Rachel headed into the tower. She left Bam behind. Having no other choice, Bam followed her into the tower.

People who enter the tower hope that they can reach the top. The thing is, the tower itself is a magical place filled with various strange environments.

To get to the top, one has to overcome challenges and face deadly foes. Unlike others, all that Bam wanted is to find his friend.

5. Lookism Manhwa

Read Lookism webtoon

Park Hyung Suk is a high school student who gets bullied by his classmates due to his looks. To escape his biggest bully, Lee Tae sung, Park Hyung Suk decides to transfer to another school.

Not long before his transfer, something interesting happened. He is no longer in his usual body. Instead, now he is in an ideal, perfect body.

The problem is, his usual body is still there. When Park Hyung Suk falls asleep in one body, he wakes up in the other.

Now possessing two bodies, he must navigate between living a better life in his new school while at the same time finding out the mysteries behind his new body.

6. Weak Hero Manhwa

Top Manhwa Online

There is a school that is run by tyrants who love to torment the weak. Once these bullies target you, it’s game over. Things change when Gray, a mysterious new student who transferred to the school, appears.

Although he is small, Gray is a formidable fighter. The school bullies must find a way to take down this new and mysterious hero.

7. Study Group Manhwa

Study Group Webtoon

Study Group is a story about Gamin Yoon, a student who goes to a high school that is known to harbor future criminals.

Stuck in an environment where only the strongest survive, he must find a way to get good grades, enter a university and avoid getting involved in endless fights in the school. Can he succeed?

Of course, there are still lots of webtoons or manhwa out there. The above are some of the top manhwa online right now. What do you think? Which one of them do you want to read first?

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