11 Best Patio Wall Ideas for Outdoor Living and Entertaining

Patio Wall Ideas – Patio is the exterior part of the house that should be decorated and made comfortable. Patios generally have a wall as a divider or as a part to hang other furniture.

There are several patio wall ideas to make your patio feel more colorful and fresh. Here are some inspiration that you might want to follow.

Creative Patio Wall Ideas

1. Green Wall Patio

Green wall patio design

A comfortable and cool patio can improve your mood while resting there. If there are not many plants in the backyard, you can make a green wall patio.

The green color comes from the vines and lush leaves. You don’t need to paint it, although it requires extra care to keep the patio from getting dirty from falling leaves.

This design is suitable for those of you who put the patio apart from the house and its position in the corner of the backyard.

The size of the walls also needs to be made high so that the patio is safe from the outside of the backyard. If green leaves seem monotonous, add various wall decorations such as paintings, photos or mirrors.

2. Stone Wall

patio wall ideas

The patio that is attached to the house does not need a high wall. Especially if the patio is only made partially and not directly adjacent to the fence in the backyard.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make walls with low sizes. The function of the wall will be a frame that separates the patio area from the whole garden.

Simple designs for short walls can take advantage of stones such as the bavarian castle or long island stak. Both types of stone have a smooth but textured surface.

The use of stones makes you no longer need to make motifs for walls. Stone strokes already give a natural touch to your patio.

3. Partial Deck Wall

Partial deck wall ideas

Usually, patio use cement for walls and decks for ground. You can change this concept by swapping the two. The ground uses cement so that it is sturdy to accommodate the load.

While the wall section uses a deck arranged horizontally. You can look out of the backyard through the gaps between the decks.

Switching this concept can only be done if you are not moving the patio position. Grounding is costly and cannot be moved.

Meanwhile, the wall of the deck requires a special design so that it can stand as a strong wall.

The color of the deck should contrast with the atmosphere of the patio. Choose black or hickory for the deck if the ground is bright.

4. Partial Concept Deck

Partial Concept Deck Ideas

Combining two wall concepts on the patio is possible. Some of the walls use cement walls, while some use decks. This wall is so high that it can become a barrier for the entire backyard.

In addition to large space, this design is suitable for patios that use all the space in the backyard.

Partial concepts are also possible if you are creating a multilevel patio. So that the lower part uses a cement wall, while at the top level uses a deck.

You can decorate the top of the cement wall with a few small plants so that the patio looks green and lush. Use a neutral color like gray so that the patio looks elegant even though it is minimalist.

5. Brick Patio

Best Brick Patio Ideas

The brick wall concept is very easy to apply. The bright orange color makes the patio bright during the day and dim at night.

Walls can be decorated by attaching a pendant lamp or mini planter. Add a frame on the edge of the wall in brown or black. Frames can be made of stone or metal.

6. Ancient Wall

Patio Ancient wall

A patio with walls that has many pillars is similar to the ancient greek concept. The pillars were made of unpainted brick.

The main wall is only at the top forming a semicircle. Make sure that the cement that forms the bricks is not brittle as it will contaminate the patio. This design is quite simple and easy to implement.

7. Wall Mural

Wall Mural Patio

You can spill your creativity by drawing on the wall. Images can come from a variety of themes, including human and natural objects.

This kind of patio wall ideas are perfect for a backyard that looks empty due to the lack of plants and furniture. Bright motifs and colors can give a distinct impression like an illusion effect on a patio.

8. Retractable Wall

patio wall ideas

If the patio is still attached to the house, make a retractable wall. This wall can be made of plastic or wood to separate the main house from the patio.

Retractable wall is made to hang on the ceiling. Choose a material that suits the ceiling conditions. If it is too heavy like thick wood, the ceiling will easily collapse from having to hang loads for a long time.

9. Contemporary Wall Design

Contemporary Patio Wall Design

Contemporary design combines simple shapes and minimalist colors. Bright colors such as white or broken white on the patio support a comfortable atmosphere while relaxing there.

Make a wall with a horizontal stripe pattern and paint it white. While the other side of the wall uses a bright brick motif complete with windows.

10. Little Fountain Wall

Little Fountain Wall Patio

Creating a little fountain on the patio walls is a fresh idea. The sound of water splashing helps you to feel calmer. Of course you need to make a small pond at the bottom, even put some fish in there.

A wide fountain can be a partial wall for the patio. To be remembered, that this kind of wall needs more electricity than any other wall.

11. Wood Slated

Wood Slated Patio Ideas

You can make slated wood which is neatly arranged to become a dividing wall for your patio.

That way, there is a clear boundary between the patio and other backyard spaces.

Small cable lights can be hung from the top as night lighting. Wood slated is easy to make and costs little.

If the patio feels boring, try a variety of those patio wall ideas. Changes that occur in the wall have a considerable effect.

Start being creative by making a unique wall, both from a combination of constituent materials, styles, and decorations. Then, patio will be your favorite cozy place at your home.


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