11+ Incredible Patio Door Ideas and Inspiration for Various Interiors

Every patio needs a door. It will be used to hide the stuffs you place in the patio. It is also used to access the patio during summer months. So many patio door ideas are waiting for you to choose one.

If you are using sliding door, you might want to use another type of the patio door in order to get a different atmosphere.

You’ll see several inspiring patio doors down here, pick one that match your patio’s style.

Most Popular Patio Door Ideas

The Famous Sliding Doors

The Famous Sliding Doors

Sliding door becomes patio’s most famous door since it is really easy to use, affordable, and versatile.

If you want the sunlight to gets into your patio, you’re going to love the sliding doors since they come with lots of glass that lets the sunlight gets into the room.

Complete your patio door with door screen you can close and open when you need more privacy while spending your time relaxing in the patio.

French Door or the Swinging Patio Door

Swinging Patio Door

French door is another famous door used in many patios around the world. Like regular door, French door is hinged. It comes in so many styles, decorative glass, finish, and color.

Usually, French door comes with two door leaves. But if your patio is wide enough, you might want to order special French patio door ideas that has three doors at once. Most French doors for patio have full glass panels.

Folding Door for Extra Wide Patio

Folding Door Ideas

The system of folding door is designed for extra wide patio. When folding door is opened, it looks like accordion with no sound.

General system of folding door for patio comes with two to eight panels.

But sometimes, individual glass doors can open and close on the track system. The glass used in huge folding door is letting lots of sunlight to come into your patio. Use some curtains to block the sunlight.

Vinyl Patio Door Looks Like Wooden Door

Vinyl Patio Door Design

Instead of using wooden patio door, vinyl patio door could be a great alternative. It is a famous material and oftentimes is used to build patio door because of its durability, strength, and energy efficiency.

Besides, vinyl door can face the cold and warm climates wonderfully. It is not going to warp, rot, peel, or fade. However, installing vinyl door is going to make your patio looks like it is having wooden door.

Wooden Patio Door Ideas for Natural Patio Design

Wooden Patio Door Concept

Compared to vinyl patio door, wooden door is way much more beautiful. Well, it comes with higher price as well.

Besides, the maintenance required by wooden door is more complicated than maintenance needed by vinyl patio door.

If you’re okay with the price and maintenance, go get wooden patio door made of mahogany, fir wood, pine wood, or alder wood. Let the beauty of those wood perfect your patio.

Modern Patio with Metal Patio Door

Modern Patio Door Design

Steel and aluminum are two famous materials used to build metal patio door. Metal doors for patio made of steel or aluminum are really durable.

If you want durable doors but cannot afford wooden patio doors, metal doors are for you.

However, metal doors are not energy efficient even though they are cost effective. Most popular problems faced by metal doors are rust and corrosion, get ready for them.

Simple Yet Adorable Patio with Fiberglass Door

Adorable Patio Door Ideas

Fiberglass would be a nice option for those looking for weather resistant doors. Fiberglass patio doors are durable but lightweight.

So many fiberglass patio doors look like vinyl patio doors. But don’t worry, fiberglass doors come in lower price compared to vinyl doors. Pick fiberglass if the other patio door ideas above are way too pricey for you.

Patio Door with Shutter for Maximum Privacy

Maximum Privacy

Especially today, privacy does really matter. Unfortunately, so many patio doors are made of glass that expose everything in your house.

If you want a door that gives you more privacy, you’re going to need to add shutter to your glass sliding door.

Shutter comes in several color options including white, black, and brown. Pick one that match your interior design so it will blend perfectly to the room.

Shade for More Privacy and Beauty at Once

Shade for More Privacy and Beauty at Once

Shade is another option to hide your interior from neighbors’ eyes. Fortunately, shades now come in so many beautiful designs.

Pastel colored shade with floral print is going to make your shabby chic interior looks awesome.

Or pick the striped shade that matches your modern interior that has monochrome color scheme. If you can match at least the shades with the rug, you’ll create a marvelous room.

Cute Curtains to Hide Your Interior

Cute Curtains for patio

Another famous option is curtain. It has been used in so many rooms that are connected to patio. Since you’re looking for curtains for patio doors, pick ones that the length is enough to cover the entire doors.

Patio door ideas with floor length curtains are the most fascinating idea for me. Some people add sheer curtains so that they can still get the sunlight while enjoying privacy. Do the same for your patio.

Roller Blinds Offering Flexibility to Your Patio Doors

Patio door design ideas

Flexibility here means you can open the blind of one door and leave the other blinds closed. You can roll the blinds down to close and hide your interior or pull them up when you need the sunlight to gets into the room.

Order customized blinds that the size match the length of your patio doors. You’re free to pick blinds that the color match your patio doors or the other ornaments in the room.

Patio might be outside of your house but it is connected to your house. If you’re not serious in looking for the best patio door ideas, you might lose the privacy you deserve or even the stuffs you keep in the room.

Make sure you find the best patio door that fits the budget you’ve prepared. And don’t pick patio door that doesn’t match your patio and interior style. It will ruin all cool styles you have prepared.

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