10 Covered Deck Ideas for Better Outdoor Entertainment

When you are thinking about adding a deck in your backyard, you have an option to have it covered or not. Many people prefer to have a covered deck so that they can enjoy the outdoor fun even when the weather is not friendly. If you are interested to have it too, you must consider the covered deck ideas properly.

There are choices of deck cover materials and types that you can pick. Each of them offers you with different durability and protection. In addition, not all of them are suitable to your taste and characters.

To have the best deck, you can pick one of these covered deck ideas.

Beautiful Covered Deck Ideas

A Covered Deck with Semi-Gable Roof

Covered Deck with Semi-Gable Roof

If you love a full protection from the weather elements when relaxing on the deck, you must choose this covered deck idea.

This deck has a semi-gable roof since it does not form a full triangular shape. Moreover, it is made of a sturdy material that will protect you from rain and snow properly.

This deck is also equipped with screens that give better weather protection for you. If you have this particular covered deck, you do not need to worry that your outdoor furniture will be damaged by the weather easily.

A Modern Covered Deck

Modern Covered Deck Ideas

In order to match the modern style of your house, you can pick this covered deck idea. The large and flat deck roof looks very simple and modern because of its smooth ceiling.

The style of the roof matches well with the minimalist deck below it although the roof and decking have contrasting colors.

However, you need to remember that a flat deck roof require more maintenance. Therefore, you must be ready for it.

Basking in the Sun

covered deck ideas

If you love to sunbathe, this covered deck will be ideal for you. The transparent polycarbonate roof offers you with natural light.

As a result, you can warm yourself under the sun without fear of being exposed to UV rays.

Moreover, if you want to get some vitamin D, you can move to the open deck area. Therefore, you get both the advantages of covered and open deck from this deck idea.

A Covered Deck with Unique Structure

unique covered deck design

Having a unique deck will make the exterior of your house look more attractive. To attain this look, you must have this covered deck.

It has unique poles and its wood flat roof has a strong structure. With this particular deck, you can choose to be sheltered from the sun or the opposite. This unusual covered deck looks great on a modern or contemporary style house.

A Forest-Like Covered Deck

Forest-Like Covered Deck Ideas

Trees in the backyard provide better air quality. Therefore, it is no wonder that some people do not want to cut them and make these trees as the parts of their deck instead. This covered deck idea offers a stunning look to your house.

Because of the trees that joined to the deck, you can have a shady deck. However, to make it more sheltered from the sun, you may add a pergola on the deck.

Therefore, you can relax on this deck comfortably when the weather is hot.

Bamboo Screen Covered Deck

Bamboo Screen Covered Deck

When you are shopping for a deck covering, usually you get awning, canopy, pergola, and deck roof to choose. However, if you want to have an unusual covered deck, you can choose this bamboo screen to cover your deck.

This deck roofing material is not commonly used. However, it looks interesting and unique. Moreover, this roof will shade your deck from the glaring sun properly.

In addition, if you want to have more privacy on the deck, you only need to unroll the bamboo screen.

However, this covered deck will not protect you and your outdoor furniture from the rain. Therefore, you must choose your deck furniture wisely.

A Trellis-Covered Deck

Trellis-Covered Deck Ideas

Unusual covered deck ideas will surely make your house more eye-catching. The trellis-covered deck will be a good choice if you want to create this look. Instead of a pergola, this covered deck has a trellis as a roof.

The trellis offers better enclosure to the pergola. In addition, the trellis is also utilized as the deck screen. As a result, you get more privacy when entertaining friends outdoors.

In order to make this deck more attractive, you can combine the brown trellis with white decking, white furniture, and some black elements.

A Gable Roof Covered Deck

Gable Roof Covered Deck Ideas

If you have a classic or country style house, this covered deck idea will be your best choice. This deck offers you with a classic look thanks to the gable roof and all the natural elements on it.

With this strong and sturdy roof, your deck will get proper protection from the weather. Therefore, you do not need to worry much about the glaring sun, rain, and hail.

An Affordable Covered Deck Idea

Affordable Covered Deck Idea

When you build a covered deck, it means that you have to spend more money. It is because you need to purchase the roofing materials. However, you can cut the covered deck budget by choosing the right roofing material.

For you who are short on budget, you can opt for corrugated metal panel roofs. This type of roof is more affordable than the asphalt shingles.

In addition, metal panel roofs are more durable than the plastic panel roof. Therefore, you will get some advantages from this kind of deck roof.

In order to make this affordable covered deck looks elegant; you can apply dark finish to the deck structure. Moreover, you must furnish it with comfortable furniture and some potted plants.

A Covered Deck with Half-Barrel Roof

Covered Deck with Half-Barrel Roof

If you think that a deck with a gable roof and extended roof is too common, you must choose this half-barrel roof for your covered deck.

The curved roof looks elegant, especially with the dark wood plank ceiling and rooflights. In addition, the stone fireplace and comfortable furniture add more elegance to this covered deck.

Choosing those interesting covered deck ideas may not be easy for you. However, you can make this task easier by considering several things when picking the idea. Some of them are budget, weather, maintenance, and activities that you like to do on the deck.

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