12 Best Deck Stairs Ideas to Update Your Outdoor Space

Having a deck in your home is the perfect choice. Besides being unique, the deck will add value from the exterior side. If it is multilevel or floating, you need to find the right deck stairs ideas. The design will affect its appearance, safety and durability for a certain period of time.

Beautiful Deck Stairs Ideas

1. Two-toned Stairs

Best Two-toned stairs

Decks don’t always have the wood brown color. Other color touches can enhance the exterior appearance of your home.

Use other neutral colors like white and walnut. The combination of the two still gives a natural impression for your backyard. The edge of the stairs can be added with a wooden railing that contrasts with the deck.

2. Stairs with Light

Best Stairs with Light

Located in an open space, you may find it difficult to decide where the lighting is. Especially if the deck doesn’t have shades and the chandelier can be at risk of damage.

You can make a deck steps as well as the main lighting on the deck. Lights can be placed on the vertical. A yellow light can convey a dim and warm atmosphere.

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3. High Stairs

Deck with High Stair Ideas

If the deck position is high enough, then the stairs must also be made high to reach the deck. A design with many short footholds is an option.

To make it safe to step on, add railings on the sides for grip. Choose a type of strong wood for each step, as well as for the supports at the back of the stairs.

4. Modern Style

Best Deck with Modern Style

Although its main function is as a step to the deck, it can also be considered a decoration. The addition of stairs is considered to beautify the deck so that it doesn’t look monotonous.

If the deck that is built has a multilevel shape, the stairs can be a great decoration between the two. A display like this makes the deck look modern.

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5. Rustic Stair

Rustic Deck Stair Concept

For those of you who like a rustic style, there’s nothing wrong with making a staircase for a deck in this style. Even though the house is not in the countryside, rustic is very unique to use on the exterior.

Not only stairs and railings, a rustic touch can be given to the railing ornaments. Some of the design options are simple carvings or wood that resembles a tree branch.

6. Minimalist Stairs

Minimalist Deck Stairs Design

Minimalist house design can use this deck stairs ideas. The footing is made as if it is floating supported by metal under it.

The railing uses monochrome colors like black and uses metal. This deck concept is suitable not only for the patio in the backyard, but also at the front of the house.

7. Metal Stairs Deck

Stunning Metal Stairs Deck

The combination of wood as a stepping and metal as a railing for the stair deck can make it look solid.

Railing consists of many vertical slates with neat shapes so that it looks minimalist. Color options that are great for this blend are black and caramel.

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8. Spiral Stairs

Best Spiral Deck stairs

A spiral stair is a great option. This model is widely used in home interiors, but also allows for outdoor decks. This stair is synonymous with luxury and artistic nature.

Although originally found only in places like European churches and houses, spiral stairs are now becoming popular everywhere.

The design is generally small in size and between steps are short. This avoids the danger of the user when stepping on the curve of the spiral.

Railing must use a sturdy material such as metal. Of course, the footing is not symmetrical because there is a bigger part on one side. It needs a special design to use this type of steps.

9. Multilevel Stairs

Amazing Multilevel Deck Stairs

If the deck position is high enough, you can use a multilevel stairs design. Some of the foothold in the first tier direct to West, and the rest is to the North for the example.

Generally, multilevel stairs are in the form of letter L. At the end of the first level, there is a little space like a balcony that can be used to put plants in pots.

What needs to be considered before choosing this design is the availability of space. This stair is suitable for narrow spaces but a high deck position.

The use of railings is suitable for multilevel stairs so that users are safe when climbing stairs. Add lights either at the end of the railing or paving the stairs as unique lighting for the deck.

10. Assymetrical Stairs

Best Assymetrical Deck Stairs

The shape of the stairs that is not symmetrical gives another impression on the appearance of your deck. There are various shapes ranging from curved patterns to partial hexagonal.

It may take longer to work and careful design planning. In addition to its function, this type prioritizes aesthetic value.

The asymmetric pattern is suitable for decks located in backyards and large sizes. Making this ladder requires a large space to install the supports.

In order not to seem monotonous, you can add ornaments to the railing. If the outdoor atmosphere is crowded, railings with parallel slate designs can be an option so that it looks more minimalist.

11. Box Stairs

Best Box Deck Stairs

For shorter decks, you can use the box steps design. Box steps consist of tiers with a total of less than 4. Installation of this type is very easy and is generally used on the floating deck type.

Before installation, it’s a good idea to take measurements carefully. Box stairs can be dangerous for people who rush their steps

12. Magnificent Stairs

Magnificent Deck stair Ideas

Having a deck with a luxurious staircase can enhance your home. The shape is very wide at the bottom and then conical at the top.

These stairs usually have sturdy railings in contrasting colors. If the deck is dark, use white on the railings. If the deck is short, use the box steps design for easier work.

Various stair designs for you can be adjusted according to your room size and budget. The minimalist appearance makes the deck appear monotonous even though the working space is limited.

Meanwhile the luxurious deck stairs ideas can be used as inspiration to pleasingly enjoy the day, both for relaxing or a party with relatives.

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