12 Best Outdoor Deck Furniture Design Ideas

Deck Furniture Ideas – You need to pay attention to every furniture placed on the deck. Some furniture may not be able to be placed on it because it is too heavy or too large.

The deck furniture ideas below can give you inspiration to fill your deck with furniture. Determine the concept you want and start decorating your favorite deck.

Before you start cleaning and decorating, take care of your home drainage. No one would like to sit in a lounge with an open drainage system passing right beside them.

A Gazebo or a backyard barbecue center, gardens need the right base. You can use trench grating, which can cover your outdoor drainage. This can even work for your pool drainage. Hygiene with decoration can go hand in hand.

Best Deck Furniture Ideas

1. Dining Set

Best Dining set for deck furniture

Enjoying time with family or friends with a delicious meal can be done on the deck. Choose a dining set that matches the deck conditions.

To be able to put this furniture, surely the deck must be strong to accommodate heavy loads.

A dining table set consists of several chairs, not to mention if the chairs are filled. Make sure the deck is made of high quality wood.

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2. Sofa

Sofa for deck furniture

The sofa is like furniture that must be on the deck. Its use is now not limited to home interiors.

You can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant outdoor atmosphere while sitting in a soft spot. Choose a sofa that suits your concept.

Use neutral colors for a minimalist style or bright colors for a colorful deck.

The potential for dirty sofas on the patio is very high so you need to be careful in choosing it. Because it is placed outside, you need to regularly clean the surface of the sofa.

Choose a waterproof material, so it’s easy to wipe or clean if the stain is wet. Or you can use sofa covers so that they are easy to replace every few days.

3. Coffee Table

Coffee table furniture deck

Tables are versatile objects for placing small objects on the deck. Besides its function to put decorative furniture such as flower vases, you also need it to put a cup on it when relaxing.

Not all sofa sets are equipped with a coffee table, so maybe you have to choose a table that is suitable for placing on the patio.

There are many coffee table designs that you can choose from. Rectangular or square shapes are suitable for sofas that can accommodate many people.

The circular shape is suitable for separate seating so that the table will be surrounded by chairs.

Make sure you adjust the size and weight to the ability of the deck to support the table. Wood material is the lightest material compared to metal or glass.

4. Removeable Fire Pit

Removeable fire pit furniture deck

Gathering with family on the deck during fall can still be done as long as there is a fire pit. This furniture does not have to be made permanently.

You can choose a removeable fire pit, so it can be moved when you don’t need it.

A fire pit that appears as a coffee table with a hole in the middle can be the best option because of its multiple functions.

5. Planter

Planter for deck design

If the deck is not cool enough, you can add planter furniture on it. There are many planter options such as pots, deck boxes, or pots that are placed on a railing deck.

Flowery plants can give your deck a pretty color. The backyard garden landscape will also look better with a mini garden on the deck.

6. Cushion

Cushion for deck furniture

Don’t let the sofa or the seat on the deck seem empty. Add a certain amount of cushion so that you feel comfortable when sitting.

Cushions can define their own impression on the overall deck condition. The choice of color should be adjusted to the concept of the sofa, ground, and other furniture.

It would be better if the cushion has more than one color and pattern.

7. Curtain

Curtain for deck furniture

Element that is no less important is a curtain. For those of you who want privacy or other decorations that are easy to apply, curtains can be a great option.

Curtains have many functions such as blocking sunlight, dominating the deck concept, and also an aesthetic function.

Determine the color according to the concept, the size according to the deck area, and the right position to install it.

8. Carpet

Carpet for furniture deck ideas

Some people feel uncomfortable stepping on the deck directly. If you are one of them, then use a carpet that is placed in the middle.

This deck furniture ideas don’t have to be thick, as long as it’s easy to clean. Use a simple but light color pattern so that it contrasts with the deck.

9. Lighting

Lighting for deck furniture

The dark deck even makes you uncomfortable, especially at night. Lights must be on the deck and you can use them in a variety of styles.

The most popular is to put it on the steps. If this is not possible, you can install cable lights on the top of the deck or place furniture in the form of small lanterns in several corners of the deck.

10. Wall Decor

Wall decor for deck furniture

Decorating a wall deck can enhance its appearance. There are various options that you can choose from, such as paintings, rustic plates, planters, to mirrors.

Choose a wall decor that has a different color from the wall deck.

That way, all of these decorations will be contrasting and unique to look at. You can be creative by making your own wall furniture according to your taste.

11. Umberella

Umberella for deck furniture

The furniture commonly used on the deck is an umbrella. Umbrella is removable so it won’t interfere with the exterior when it’s not needed.

This furniture complements the sofa or dining set so that it is not dirty or exposed to rainwater.

During the day, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the deck without having to overheat due to the sun in summer.

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12. Mini Kitchen Set

Best Mini Kitchen set for set

The deck will be perfect if you have a kitchen set. Although, unfortunately this possibility is only for decks with a wide size.

The kitchen set can be used as a substitute for the kitchen indoors as well as for food parties on the deck. Kitchen sets that are usually on the deck include a grill, sink, and mini microwave.

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere there with various deck furniture ideas. Before creating, know how to style yourself.

The more time you spend on the deck, maybe a lot of furniture is needed for activities in this place. Make sure that all the furniture on the deck has an important function so that it doesn’t just become useless items.

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