10+ Great Horizontal Fence Ideas You Might Be Interested In

Thinking about covering your property with horizontal fencing? There are lots of horizontal fence ideas, but not all of them will match what you need. So, before looking for horizontal fencing for your house, make sure you know what you need and want.

And to help you figure out which horizontal fencing is the best for you, here are some guides and ideas you’ll need.

Stylish Horizontal Fence Ideas

Less Gaps for More Privacy

Less Gaps for Fence

If privacy does matter for you and your family, you’re going to need horizontal fencing that has smaller gaps between the horizontal planks.

The smaller the gaps, the harder for people to see what’s behind the fence.

For those who are going to build their own horizontal fencing in do it yourself project, it is highly recommended to mount the planks as close as possible to the other planks.

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Special Horizontal Fence to Show Them Your Garden

Special Fence Ideas


But if you want anyone to see how gorgeous your garden is, you’ll love the horizontal fencing that has wide gaps between the planks.

If the previous fence requires you to mount the planks close to each other, this one is allowing you to add more gaps you desire.

Just make sure that all gaps have the same width. For example, make sure the entire planks are mounted with four inches gaps between them.

The Most Natural Horizontal Fence Ideas

Most Natural Horizontal Fence

Here is the most natural horizontal fencing you must try. Ready to make your property looks extremely unique? Build a stone wall between two wooden horizontal fences.

The woods represent the nature already. But with stone walls, your wooden fencing would be awesome.

Small pebbles on the ground next to the wooden path are perfecting the natural touch you want to spread into your garden.

Combining Horizontal Fence with Lattice Top

Combining Horizontal Fence Design

Most horizontal fences are made of woods. This means your horizontal fences can be combined with lattice, a famous fencing for garden. First of all, build the horizontal wooden fence you desire first.

Then add wooden lattice on top of horizontal fencing. Crisscross of the lattice is adding a unique style to the fence and to the garden as well.

It is a perfect design especially if the garden has patio or deck.

Modern House with Metal Horizontal Fencing

Modern House Design

Previous horizontal fence ideas above are talking about horizontal fences made of woods. If your house is a modern property, wooden fencing might look weird.

But don’t worry, since horizontal fences today can also be made of metal. Metal horizontal fences come in various color options like black and grey.

Those monochrome colors are the best one for contemporary and modern styled houses.

Color Gradation on Your Horizontal Fence

Color Gradation for Fence

Instead of leaving your wooden horizontal fences in one color like brown or white or black, try something creative by combining two colors.

Create a gradation by using two different tones to paint your wooden horizontal fencing. For example, you might want to paint the upper part of your horizontal fences with grey while the lower parts stay in black.

This gradation might be simple but awesome enough.

Decorating Horizontal Fence with Colorful Flowers

Decorating Horizontal Fence Design

Or if there’s no paint to recolor the wooden horizontal fence, use the fence as canvas. Spread some colors by hanging some colorful flowers in rattan baskets along the wooden horizontal fencing.

Fresh living flowers in red, blue, yellow, pink, and purple are going to be cute ornaments for the fencing. Grow more colorful flowers on the ground in front of the wooden horizontal fencing.

Modern Horizontal Fence Ideas with Wooden Pillars

Modern Horizontal Fence Design

Your wooden horizontal fences are going to need some pillars or posts that will keep the fences stand sturdily and firmly.

Top every post or pillar that’s made of wood with something awesome like natural stone. Then mount the most modern wall sconce you can find on every pillar.

Those sconces will not only illuminate the garden at nights but also work as decoration for your exterior.

Wood and Wire to Build Minimalist Horizontal Fence

Wood and Wire Fence

Wood is going to be the best material for your horizontal fencing’s posts. Then for the horizontal fences themselves, use wire.

Wire is not as thick as wood so it doesn’t give you privacy. However, wire between the woods is going to let you enjoy the views freely.

Make this minimalist horizontal fence looks more stunning by adding some potted flowers on top or cap of the wooden posts or pillars.

Different Sized Planks for Horizontal Fence and Gate

horizontal fence ideas

Sometimes, it is hard for people to find the gate that’s located between the fence. It can also happen to your property, especially if you use the same sized planks for both horizontal fence and horizontal gate.

To outsmart this problem, pick wider planks for the horizontal fence ideas, and smaller planks to build the horizontal gate. This is going to ease your guests who are looking for access to your house.

Simple Horizontal Fence with Cute Lattice

Simple Horizontal Fence Ideas

We’ve seen an idea about combining horizontal fence with lattice for the fence’s top. But this one is totally different and unique at the same time.

The crisscross of lattice isn’t being added to the top of horizontal fence. Instead, it is added as curve that splits the horizontal fencing vertically.

Even with no other ornaments, this horizontal fencing and the lattice is nice enough to perfect your garden.

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Simple Horizontal Fence

Simple Horizontal Fence

Woods always come in boring color. Make it looks more marvelous by painting them. But for now, do not use monochrome colors.

Paint the horizontal fencing in yellow, green, and tosca colors. Then if there’s another wooden element in the garden, paint it with the other bold colors.

Wooden bench for example, would be nice and unique with blue and red color combination.

I really want to try the last of horizontal fence ideas above since I’ve been too scared to combine bold colors together.

What about you? Are you brave enough to try a dozen inspirations that have been shared above? Start with one or two ideas first then save the rest for later.

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