12 Adorable Apartment Patio Ideas and Inspiration for Small Patios

Living in an apartment is a disaster for some people, especially who love living in spacious house. If you’re one of them and your biggest problem is just turning the patio into something stunning, all you need is trying these amazing apartment patio ideas.

The entire stunning inspirations here are going to turn your boring patio into beautiful spot you can never leave again.

Best Apartment Patio Ideas

Adding Textures and Patterns to Apartment Patio

Apartment Patio Ideas

Adding lots of textiles is going to make the patio or balcony of your apartment feels as exclusive as your interior.

Layering some cushy elements that are made of fabrics belong to exterior such as plush cushions and patterned rugs are going to create a super comfortable patio.

Mixing textures and bold patterns will also turn your small patio to cute bohemian spot. Get pieces which add beauty and function.

Romantic Patio Without Candles

Romantic Patio Without Candles

Candles are everyone’s option when decorating a room with romantic style. Just don’t be like them since you’re special. Make your apartment patio looks romantic with string lights that cast magical glow.

Lighting that’s powered by solar is a wonderful option, especially since it comes in wide types and styles range. There’s tiny tea lights and globe shaped lamps that you can charge under the sunlight.

Unique Apartment Patio Ideas with Fake Campfire

Unique Apartment Patio Ideas

Can you spot a unique campfire on the bucket? It is not the real one since apartment buildings usually don’t allow any open flame on the balconies.

However, you can still create campfire feeling using faux fire. One of many ways to do it is wrapping decorative firewood with string lights.

Buy the cute logs from online store then find the string lights that are long enough to make the unique campfire for patio.

Enjoy Your Dinner on Tiny Apartment Patio

Enjoy Your Dinner on Tiny Apartment

Small apartment patio can be a nice dining spot. Get outdoor countertop that is strong enough to face the weather and climate around your place.

Then find bar stools that are also weather resistant to complete the countertop.

Now, every time you want an unusual dinner with your loved one with special atmosphere, your balcony or patio is ready to welcome you both. Enjoy your meal and togetherness!

Gorgeous Unreal Garden on Patio

Gorgeous Unreal Garden

You don’t need to have green thumb to enjoy gorgeous garden on the patio. Just try the next of apartment patio ideas: growing fake garden.

Artificial flowers and plants look so realistic and pretty today.

Faux options including potted trees, tall grass, and even ivy screens for your railing are going to green up the outdoor decoration while creating balcony privacy.

Covering Your Small Patio from Naughty Eyes

Covering Your Small Patio

Some neighbors might have prying eyes that make you feel uncomfortable to enjoy your time outside the apartment.

Don’t worry, there are many balcony screens ready to beautify your patio while providing extra privacy for you.

Do it yourself bamboo fencing for example is going to add unique look to your balcony. You can also buy it from online or offline stores providing home improvement ornaments.

Extra Coziness with Extraordinary Hammock

Extra Coziness with Extraordinary Hammock

Can you imagine enjoying summer napping in a hammock? Find hammock you love the most. Make sure it hangs securely on your patio.

Adjust your patio ornament to match that hammock. For example, if you have striped blue hammock, striped blue cushions on the seats are going to make the patio looks adorable.

Some blue lights hung on the ceiling will complete the unique apartment patio ideas.

Change the Atmosphere by Changing the Floor

Changing the Floor patio

We all know it is illegal to replace apartment flooring with the one we want. But there’s interlocking tiles that are going to change the look of unattractive floor of your patio.

The interlocking tiles are easiest solution since it can be installed and disassembled easily.

Those tiles are now available in many stores, whether offline or online. All you have to do is getting tiles that match your wooden table.

Protect Your Balcony from Sun and Wind

Protect Your Patio Balcony

Enjoying sunny days is everybody’s favorite thing to do. If you want to keep enjoying the good weather, complete your patio with items that can protect you and keep you feel comfortable though the sun is getting hotter.

Canopy and umbrella are some incredible options. They are going to shelter you so the harsh rays won’t bother your best days out there. Oh, don’t forget railing screen that blocks the wind.

‘Planting’ Grass on Patio’s Floor

planting grass on patio

I love it when my feet touch the grass. Don’t you feel the same? If so, you’re going to love the fake grass.

This flooring solution is one of excellent apartment patio ideas since it is weather resistant so you can use it on the floor of your outdoor patio.

Get artificial turf that’s recyclable to hide concrete floor of your balcony or apartment patio. Premium quality is giving softer texture compared to cheaper one.

Learn How to Decorate Patio from Japanese People

Learn How to Decorate Patio

For those who have limited space on the apartment patio, Japanese styled decorating idea is the best thing to try. There’s no need to use outdoor furniture.

Create the customized comfortable seating by placing cushions that are made of selected fabrics on the patio.

Make sure that the fabrics are weather resistant. Go get ones that have removable covers and machine washable at once.

Curtains and The Privacy They Bring

Privacy They Bring

Inexpensive curtains will help you adding not only privacy but also drama to your tiny patio. Hang the curtains using tension rods that are designed for indoor curtains.

Or you can also use the wall mounted curtain rods that are designed for outdoor space. If you install your curtain rods properly, they’re going to prevent the curtains from going away and cause some serious injury.

Don’t you think the hammock and curtain apartment patio ideas are the best ones?

Which ones from the fantastic ideas above you think are going to make your patio looks more fascinating? No, don’t think. Apply those ideas and you’ll see which ones work the best.

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