13 Wonderful Patio Curtain Ideas to Try at Home

Patio Curtain Ideas – Installing a curtain on the patio can increase its function as a place to relax and have fun. Curtain has a function to protect the patio from wind, rain, and sun heat.

Unlike the indoor curtains, patio curtain ideas require the right choice to decide. Here are inspired curtains that can be installed on your patio.

Beautiful Patio Curtain Ideas

#1. Monochrome curtain

Monochrome patio curtain ideas

Variations in black and white can give your patio a simple impression. Curtain will look beautiful with vertical stripes of color.

Choose a curtain that can cover up to the bottom. on the market, pattern curtain like this are usually made of waterproof material to protect the inside of the patio.

A monochrome pattern is suitable for use on patios with a minimalist design.

#2. Bamboo Curtain

Bamboo curtain design

Curtain for the patio can also be made of bamboo. The bamboo will be flat and can be rolled or folded. This material has long durability and is easy to clean.

However, it needs a high enough price to buy it and is limited in the market. Bamboo can also ward off wind, sunlight from the side, as well as rainwater carried from the wind.

There are several things that must be considered before choosing this curtain. If you install it around the patio, the patio will be dark.

Curtain is suitable if the shade used has a pergola design. Although the light is not obtained from the side, it will enter through the opening of the pergola.

#3. Walnut Stripe Curtain

Walnut stripe curtain concept

Walnut color is synonymous with nature, so using the patio will give a warm impression. Make sure your patio theme features bright colors for the roof and ground like white or yellow.

The walnut curtain will contrast the rest of the patio. Choose furniture that matches the curtain, such as a dining set or carpet.

#4. Roller on Shades

Roller on Shades Ideas

Roller curtain is often used for the interior of the house. But that doesn’t mean this curtain can’t be used on a patio outside the house.

If patio uses a shade like a pergola or canopy, you can attach a  slate as a roller for the curtain. Choose a curtain with a large size and use the hook to tie it to the pole of the pergola.

#5. Hanging on The Awning Curtain

Hanging on the awning curtain

Even though the shades you use for your patio are in the form of an awning, you can still cover the sides with curtains.

Use a curtain which has matching color with the awning roof so that the patio pattern becomes more natural.

Usually the curtain is around the side of the awning for users who want privacy. Make sure there are straps so that the curtain can be fastened to the awning poles.

#6. Country Style Curtain

Country style curtain design

The country style concept on the patio can be complemented by a large curtain. The material is not too thick with colors like mocha or broken white.

Both colors are suitable for decks with dark brown tones. The curtain is attached to the slate of the pergola at the top. Generally, the curtain is very long and extends down to the patio floor.

#7. Colorful Curtain

Colorful patio curtain ideas

The colorful touches of the patio will make your resting day cheerful. Decide on the concept you want to apply, be it a basic color like red or pastel colors.

Mix and match needs attention, including the curtain. Use bold colors on the curtains such as red, blue, or purple to dominate the impression on the patio.

#8. Long Sheer Curtain

Long sheer patio curtain

Long sheer curtain suitable for a patio that has put some furniture on the deck. This patio curtain ideas usually use white fabric and does not cover all parts of the patio.

Use the curtain only to block one side, either from the sun or the part that may be exposed from the outside. The curtains are hung together with several wire lamps for illumination.

#9. Winter Vintage Style

Winter Vintage Style Ideas

The vintage theme will never be boring, especially the winter concept. The patio, which is dominated by white, deserves a touch of brown shades starting from the deck, sofa, cushion, and curtains.

Use a curtain with a faded mocca color and installed from the rooftop. Although not all parts are not closed, the curtain will give another color to the patio walls.

#10. Covering Full Patio

Covering full patio ideas

A house with a patio that are still integrated with the part of the house are generally left open without doors or windows.

If you need a cover to protect from light, rain or wind, use a full cover curtain. The curtain is installed from the ceiling to cover the bottom and from all sides. Use light colors so that the patio will not dark at night.

#11. Simple Curtain

Simple Patio Curtain

Putting a variety of furniture on a small patio is not possible. If the patio is only used as a decoration for your exterior, use the curtain as a decoration.

The curtain will not take up space on the deck but give a different impression to the patio. Curtains from the usual material can be hung on a pergola to cover a part of the patio.

#12. Screened Curtain

Screened Curtain Ideas

If the sunlight coming into the patio is too bright, use a screened curtain. Some of the light will be dispelled by the curtain, but the patio will still receive some light so it is not damp.

White screened curtains will be better because of their good properties to reflect light. You can use it for the entire patio or just the West or East side.

#13. Fancy Curtain

Fancy Curtain Ideas

Fancy patio, fancy curtain then. A large patio needs a good decoration so that it doesn’t look boring. In addition to the planter and sofa set, you can complete with the curtain.

Use a screened curtain with a mix of two bright colors. Even though the patio is like having a party, this look can turn the patio into a space for receiving guests at home.

Finding the right curtain does require a variety of trials. Not only from the material, curtain pattern and size can also affect the inside of the patio.

Make sure the patio curtain ideas also match your overall exterior concept. Not only the patio is not only comfortable, but also makes your home more beautiful.

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