13+ Best Rock Patio Ideas for Your Backyard

In general, the patio uses a deck design that is easier and faster to install. However, there is another option that also helps beautify the exterior of the house, named rock patio ideas.

The ground section uses various types of stones so that the space looks natural and unique. The patio’s function will improve, not only for relaxing but also for parties or dining with your loved ones.

Beautifying Backyard with Rock Patio Ideas

1. Small Patio in White

small patio ideas

Don’t just leave your backyard empty. You can make a mini patio with the main material of stone as the base. If the backyard conditions are quite dark due to plants or wall paint, use white stones.

The patio ground will make a bright backyard. Add a chair or coffee table which have contrast colors with the stones.

2. Irregular Design

Irregular Design Ideas

It is difficult to find flat rocks of the same shape and size. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create aesthetic patio.

Determine the design whether you will form a square, rectangular, or circular patio. Then assemble the stones together to form the main design.

Placing an irregular design stone needs to pay attention to soil depth. One stone may have a different thickness from the other.

Make sure that the stones strung into a flat patio are easy to place furniture and harmless. Generally, the type of rock used is the one that comes from the river.

3. Gravel Stone

Best Gravel stone

The backyard filled with gravel will look unique. You can build a patio on it. Choose gravel with a smooth shape so that it is not dangerous when you are going to enjoy time on the patio.

If you cover all the parts with gravel, add a patio base using blocks for easy placement of chairs and tables.

Maintenance of the patio using gravel must be done regularly. The soil beneath the gravel has the potential to grow weeds.

You need to clean it so that the appearance of the stone is not inferior to the grass. It would be better if the gravel used has a variety of colors so that it looks beautiful.

4. Rustic Patio

Rustic Patio Ideas

Rustic patio? Why not? This theme is popular because of the outdated stone used for the patio. The combination of rust, black and white patches will give its own effect.

If this concept is applied to the patio, you should not emphasize the ground only. Stone for walls and steps should also use a matching color.

5. Rock Patio and Fire Pit

Rock Patio and Fire Pit

It’s incomplete if rock patio ideas for the exterior of the house are not equipped with a fire pit. In addition to the stones being the main material for the base, you can make piles of stones to build fire pit in the middle.

This design is an option when you don’t use a table in the middle. A fire pit can warm the atmosphere when gathering on the patio.

6. Circular

Circular patio ideas

Another popular form of patio rock is the circular. The stone shapes used are rectangles that are neatly arranged to form a circle pattern.

In the middle, you can place a table or a short fire pit. You only need to stack a few stones to make the fire pit neat. This patio pattern is a favorite because sitting in a circle with other people can enhance togetherness.

7. Natural

Natural rock patio

Alabaster is not only used to decorate walls, but also as patio pedestals. The color of this stone is very unique with fine strokes that make it less slippery.

In order to look beautiful, natural stone installations on the patio should be of different sizes. To have this beautiful patio, you have to spend a lot of money because of the high price.

8. River Rock

River Rock Patio

River rock can be used to get an aesthetic side to your home. You can make a patio that is taller than the ground with this stone arrangement.

The edges consist of flat river stones while the middle uses gravel. This rock patio ideas will make your patio unique and beautiful, even if it’s easy to work with and on a small budget.

9. Rock Garden

Rock Garden Ideas

You can decorate the patio using various types of stone that are designed using a certain concept. Making a rock garden patio is one of them.

All parts of the patio are covered by gavels. Then the steps were made using a flat stone. You can put a planter or table set at the ends of the patio.

10. Colorful Rock

Colorful Rock Patio

The large patio size allows you to create unique patio landscapes. Use the center as the main point of placing the table set.

The lower part is a large multicolored marble. The rest of the space are filled with colorful gravel. Place a large number of flowerpots on the edges of the patio so that the landscape looks beautiful.

11. Planter Space

rock patio ideas

You don’t have to decorate all parts of the patio. You can make a special planter space covered with medium-sized gravel.

The stones will cover the ground so that the patio won’t get dirty when it rains. Instead of placing planters in the form of pots, you should immediately plant certain shrubs between the plants.

12. Mini Rock Patio

Mini rock patio ideas

You can still have a patio even though the backyard is full of trees and other plants. If there is a large tree, make a patio under it using rocks.

Choose a stone with a rough texture so that the patio conditions are not slippery. Backyards that are full of plants should choose stones in neutral colors like gray.

13. Multilevel Patio

Best Multilevel Patio

Multilevel patios can be applied to large backyards. You can make it two levels with a few low steps in the middle. Use marble stone or with a square shape.

Natural stone colors are generally neutral so that it gives a natural impression. The edges of the patio are framed with matching paving blocks, so the landscape is neat.

Before deciding which rock patio ideas to use, check the space you have. The size of the stones will affect the appearance of the landscape as a whole.

While certain types of rocks are difficult to find and the price is quite expensive, river stones can be the main option because of their cheap price. The rest, it is up to you to create your own backyard.

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