11 Incredible Under Deck Patio Ideas to Fill Your Empty Space

Under Deck Patio Ideas – Having a second story deck allows you to entertain guests with better view. However, it leaves you with an empty and unattractive space under the deck. Therefore, you need to do something about it.

Instead of leaving and covering it with lattice or skirting materials, it is better for you to transform it into an under deck patio. Before you start the transformation process, check these under deck patio ideas first.

Best Under Deck Patio Ideas

Dining at the Patio

Dining at the Patio

One of the ways to transform the under deck area is creating it into a patio that complement the deck. For example, if the second story deck do not have a dining area, then the under deck patio must have it.

In order to create this space, you can adopt this under deck patio idea. This concrete patio has a medium size and comfortable dining area.

Moreover, this space is also equipped with a stove or BBQ grill and a couple of chaise lounge. Therefore, you can dine and enjoy a relaxation on it.

To make it more attractive, you need to choose unique dining furniture, such as wicker chairs and dining table in matching color.

In addition, you need to add elements of comfort and attractive lighting to make it more inviting.

Screened In Patio

Screened In Patio Ideas

This screened in under deck patio is only one of many interesting under deck patio ideas you can choose. Applying one of those ideas allows you to gain some advantages.

If there are annoying mosquitoes around your house, this screen in patio will protect you from their bites. In addition, this space also offers more privacy.

As a result, you can do your activities at this under deck patio more conveniently.

The furnishing of this outdoor space depends on the size of your space and your taste. If the screened in patio is quite large, you can furnish it with dining furniture, a sectional sofa, and a coffee table.

In addition, you can add a BBQ grill outside the screened in area. Therefore, you can have a great BBQ party at this under deck patio.

Vibrant Under Deck Patio

Vibrant Under Deck Patio Ideas

To brighten up the under deck area, you can adopt this vibrant under deck patio idea. This patio looks far from gloomy thanks to the orange wall and deck poles.

In addition, the unique sofa and chair, water feature, and plant decoration on this patio offer a lively look on it.

If you need more privacy while relaxing in this patio, you can install under deck lattice on certain sides of the patio.

Going Natural

Deck Going Natural

There are various under deck patio ideas that use stone on their design. One of them is this stone clad patio. This outdoor space offers a touch of natural beauty with its stone wall cladding and stone post cladding.

In addition, the patio looks attractive with the dusty pink stone slab. To complement the beauty of this under deck patio, you can furnish it with red sofa and chairs and black metal dining furniture.

Patio Playground

Patio Playground Ideas

Do you have small children at home? If you do, you can transform smaller and shorter under deck area into a patio playground. All you need to do is adding kid’s decor and some toys for you kids.

Moreover, you can also add unique screens so that the under-deck patio looks like a dollhouse. You can use wheel loaders to bring the pieces and clear the ground to make space for the playground.

Elegant and Comfortable

Elegant and Comfortable Patio

Having an elegant and comfortable under deck patio will increase the value of your home. In order to create this particular patio, you need to install wood plank ceiling so that the deck construction is not visible.

Moreover, you can paint the planks in glossy red wood finish. This ceiling will balance the concrete patio floor beautifully.

To add a touch of comfort on the patio, you need to furnish it with comfortable and elegant furniture.

Moreover, you may need to add a fire pit and install a fan so that you can relax in it more comfortably when the weather is cool or hot.

Unique Patterned Patio Tile

Unique Patterned Patio Tile

When you are browsing for under deck patio ideas, you will likely found that they mainly have concrete, paver, and flagstone patio floor.

However, your choices are not limited to it. If you want to have a unique patio, you can adopt this under deck patio with patterned tile.

This kind of patio flooring looks attractive and unusual. Moreover, it requires less maintenance.

Therefore, you can save money and energy in maintaining the flooring. To get the best look of it, you can match this tile with black furniture and white patio ceiling.

Minimalist Patio

Minimalist Patio Ideas

This patio may not be constructed right under the deck, but it offers an interesting look to the house. The curved patio design balance the geometric design of the deck and home exterior.

In addition, it looks quite interesting with the beautiful paver. Since it is a minimalist patio, you only need to furnish it with two or three furniture items.

Patio Material Mix

Patio Material Mix

This under deck patio extends to a large area. This space looks beautiful with a mix of flagstone and gravel patio floor.

In addition, the furnishing of this patio allows you to do many things on it, such as dining, relaxing, and enjoying a bonfire.

To make this under deck patio more interesting, you can add some bright colored flowering plants around the patio.

Small Patio

Small Patio Ideas

This patio is quite small. However, it offers great outdoor escape for you. The fire pit and built-in stone bench allow you and your friend to have a bonfire on this patio.

In addition, the right furnishing will give you a comfortable under deck patio.

Narrow but Long Under Deck Patio

Long Under Deck Patio

If you have a narrow and long under deck area, you can choose to apply this under deck patio idea. This patio provides you with almost anything you need from cooking, dining, and relaxing in front of the fire.

In addition, the color of the ceiling and the flagstone give warmer atmosphere to this patio. As a result, you and your family will love to spend your free time on it.

All the under deck patio ideas above are attractive. They offer you with beauty and functionality.

However, you need to choose one of them carefully. Therefore, you will have an under deck patio that complement your exterior and your second story deck.

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