12+ Great Patio Border Ideas for Various Typed Patios

Patio Border Ideas – Homes with patio are the best homes. Those homes have extra spaces for the owners to chill out at the end of days or welcome their guests when friends are visiting. If you also own a patio, it is good idea to add patio border around it.

Don’t you worry about designing one since we would love to let you know a bunch of patio border ideas that are going to beautify your gorgeous exterior.

Best Patio Border Ideas You Can Do At Home

Beautiful Brick Border Framing Your Patio

Beautiful Brick Border Patio

Looking for simplest project to add more beauty to your patio? You’re going to love bricks covering the soil around your patio. It is perfect for modern exterior as well. Lay down your bricks in narrow trench right around your patio edge.

Whether it is made of brick, pavers, concrete, or some other materials, brick border will be awesome to become decorative element that contain your path or patio itself.

Wonderful Wood Border Working as Transition

Wood Border Patio Ideas

Wood is another excellent option. It is everybody’s favorite material since it is resistant not only to rot and weather but also to insects especially termites.

The best woods to build patio border is including cedar or redwood. That kind of wood is long lasting choice.

Some other options for more gorgeous look around the patio are including bamboo, wood posts, logs, rustic timbers, or the railroad ties.

Cool Styled Contemporary Concrete Patio Border Ideas

Concrete Patio Border

Why concrete? Will it look good on my patio? It obviously will make your patio looks more organized, especially if you want to make well-defined border around the patio.

Concrete border is going to help retaining the paving while serving as mowing strip right next to your lawn.

Just pour the concrete into molds or forms. Next, screed the flush with forms’ top in order to even its paved surface.

Stunning Patio Surrounded with Stone Border

Stunning Patio Surrounded

Stone border is highly recommended for garden with Japanese, rustic, or natural style. Use boulders, rocks, pebbles, or flagstone that are the best choices for your beloved garden.

Those stones work really well to surround your patio, driveway, path, or even water feature such as fish pond in the middle of your garden.

However, you shouldn’t frame your swimming pool with loose rocks.

Metal Patio Border for Industrial Styled Garden

Metal Patio Border Ideas

Metal border isn’t only ideal for industrial styled garden. It is also a brilliant option if you want your patio gets curve. Go get aluminum or steel border that is sturdy and pliable though it is lightweight.

Metal is one of extraordinary patio border ideas since it is able to bent or be flexed into any shapes of your lawn or patio.

Metal border usually is used to perfect the lawns also to frame patios.

Recycled or Plastic Border for Fantastic and Unique Patio

Plastic Border for Patio

Manipulating recycled or plastic materials is truly easy. Plastic border for patio is the best alternative for those looking for something more colorful than metal.

Recycled and plastic borders usually are the cheapest option to frame patios. If your landscape contains playing area for kids, plastic border is the better option compared to the others.

It is really easy to install plastic border. Don’t you want to try this?

Simple Yet Secure Patio and Pool Border

patio border design

If you have swimming pool next to your patio, you’ll want border that’s beautify the patio and also safe for everyone in the swimming pool.

In this case, paver is the answer. It is a famous type of patios and paths hardscape and comes in so many colors, shapes, sizes, and material options. Some of them are made of aggregate, concrete, or stone.

Among the other patio border ideas, paver has more textures.

Exclusive Patio with Awesome Porcelain Border

Exclusive Patio Ideas

When choosing porcelain to frame your patio, you better pick the matt tiles that are textured with no glossy surface. The glossy surface is going to be slippery every time it turns wet.

Porcelain tiles usually are sturdy and thick enough so you can use them on the floor. However, make sure that the porcelain you choose is rated to be used on floor.

Prices of porcelain tiles are different, depend on their style.

Ceramic Tiles to Add Traditional Look to Your Patio

Ceramic Tiles for Patio Border

Only use ceramic tiles if your patio is lightly used because ceramic tiles aren’t as strong as the other materials. If you really want to use ceramic tiles for your patio border, make sure the tiles you choose are sturdy enough.

Ceramic tiles were designed to cover the walls, no wonder they’re not that strong highly recommended to be used as floor or border tiles. However, its price is lower than porcelain’s.

Cute Quarry Tiles to Increase Your Patio’s Beauty

Cute Quarry Tiles for Patio

The next of patio border ideas is called quarry tiles which are made of unglazed clay that’s very dense instead of mined from the natural quarries.

If you want material that’s really strong, quarry tiles are for you.

Unfortunately, quarry tiles come in limited color range including gray, brown, and red, unlike porcelain and ceramic tiles that have huge numbers of color option. Get quarry for Mediterranean patio.

Special Travertine Tiles Recommended for Patios

patio border ideas

Travertine tiles come in so many types. However, the most recommended travertine tiles to frame your patio are the ones from Italy or Turkey.

Those travertine tiles are better in water resistant quality compared to travertine tiles that come from China or Mexico.

Travertine tiles are really hard and attractive at once but the surface can collect dirt. Make sure you pick polished travertine tiles.

Love Your Kids by Using Rubber Patio Framing

Rubber Patio Framing

Rubber patio border is a genius option especially if you have play areas or sports courts on your patio. Rubber frame and tiles for patio have interlocking edges which can join together in order to form resilient and uniform surface.

Rubber tiles that are very soft are perfect to cover your children playing area. Rubber tiles are also beautiful option that will keep everyone around the swimming pool safe.

Among those patio border ideas, I’m in love with the rubber one. It is so unique and simple yet safe for everyone using the patio. Which one attracts you the most?

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