12 DIY Hat Rack Ideas for Various Interior Styles

Whether you need a rack for your hat collections or you just want to make things become more organized, you will need these genius DIY hat rack ideas.

The ideas you’ll see below are going to keep everything in place while beautifying the interior where the racks are placed.

Creative DIY Hat Rack Ideas

Excellent Wall Mounted Branch Rack

Excellent Wall Mounted Branch Rack

To save your floor space, try this amazing idea. Get a sturdy branch and then mount it to your wall. The branch must be really strong since you’re going to hang your hats around it.

Add some strings to the branch that you will use to hang the hats.

Mount this unique and creative rack to the wall by using strong adhesive so that it won’t fall down and hurt anyone.

Industrial Styled Hat Rack

Industrial Styled Hat Rack Ideas

Black iron is one of the most amazing materials to build an industrial styled hat rack.

Instead of building a standing rack, use the black iron to create wall mounted hat racks that will leave you free spaces on the floor.

If you are going to use the rack to store your beach hats, make sure you leave enough space between the racks so your beach hats won’t touch each other but become a nice ornament on the wall.

Giant Ferris Wheel DIY Hat Rack Ideas

DIY Hat Rack Ideas

This idea is perfect for those who have only six hats to be stored on the rack. The old looking and rustic styled Ferris wheel is made of wood.

You may want to polish the wood in order to give it a fresher and smoother look.

Once you’re done polishing the wooden hat rack, you can hang all the six hats you have on it. If you have more hats, build some other Ferris wheel racks.

Unusual Chain to Hang Your Hats

Unusual Chain to Hang Your Hats

Here comes the idea that will be perfect for those who have lots of hats but limited space inside the closet. Simply hang your chain across your closet or room.

Then place hooks on the chain holes that you can leverage to hang your hat collections.

You can paint the chain before using it to hang your hats so that your chain will not only work as a hat rack but also as an additional ornament to the room.

Mirror Hat Frame Idea

Mirror Hat Frame Design

If you have too many hats, you will need some different mirrors to store them all. Your hats will be a nice frame for your mirror, the one with a wooden frame.

Attach some hooks on your mirror’s wooden border. Then use those hooks to hang your hats.

You need to add some spaces between the hooks in order to create a super simple yet cute coastline looks to the mirror.

The Most Vintage DIY Hat Rack Ideas

Vintage DIY Hat Rack Ideas

To try this idea, you will need a wall with lots of open space, unused doorways made of wood, and nails or hooks or adhesive that are extremely strong.

You will have to install your wooden doors on the open wall.

Then you can install lots of hooks on your doors carefully using a hammer. Make sure you add enough space between each hook so your hats will hang beautifully on those doors.

Rustic Styled Wooden Pallet Rack

rustic hat rack design

If the idea above is impossible since there is not enough space for the doors, consider this one.

All you need is just two wood pallets that are large and long and two wooden boards in smaller size for both sides.

If possible, engrave the smaller boards with any antique design. Then connect all boards using adhesive or nails. Now you can mount it to the wall and then hang your nice hats on it.

Nautical Themed Hat Rack

Nautical Themed Hat Rack

Wall mounted rack and standing rack are just too mainstream. Try building ceiling mounted hat racks to display your hat collections.

Leverage your unused belts or some ropes by mounting them to your ceiling.

Then complete the belts or ropes with anchor shaped hooks. Use those nautical themed hooks to hang your hats and make them look extremely unique. But make sure the hooks will not harm anyone who steps around them.

Artistic Photo Strings DIY Hat Rack Ideas

hat rack concept

Some houses look cute with photo strings displaying small family pictures.

But make your house look special by using the photo strings to display your hats. Use a hammer and some nails to mount your photo strings to your wall.

Now simply use the pin to hang your favorite hats on them. Add some cute lighting around the strings to create a dramatic look.

Natural Standing Trunk Rack

Natural Standing Trunk Rack

Want something natural but also modern for your room? Build this standing trunk hat rack by connecting the trunk and the wood board as the base together.

Paint the trunk in white but use black for the wooden base.

The black and white theme used to color your standing trunk will make it perfect for modern rooms. If your interior theme isn’t modern, paint the standing trunk in any color that matches your room.

Colorful Tree Hat Rack

hat rack and storage ideas

This design is brilliant for a kids’ room but you sure can use it in any room.

Add tree decal to your wall and then install some hooks to the branches. When you hang the hats on the branches, it will look like your tree has hats as the leaves or fruits. What a cute idea!

Playful Lego Hat Rack Idea

Playful Lego Hat Rack Idea

Just like the previous idea, this one is an excellent option for a children’s room. Don’t use your kids’ Legos to build the hat rack unless they say you can use them.

Mount it on the wall and let it bring a playful and colorful look to the room.

Be as creative as possible when you try to make a hat rack based on the DIY hat rack ideas above. Always pick the design and idea that really match your room’s interior design.

And always make sure that there is enough space for any rack idea you desire before you start making one.

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