10+ Great Ideas for Metal Building Homes Pictures

Metal Building Homes Pictures – The making of metal houses has become more prevalent lately. Apart from offering uniqueness, metal house also has several advantages such as easy and  fast installation, low cost and the material is easy to get.

Now, metal house is not only used as a place to relax but also a living space for some people. The following is a metal building homes pictures that can be your inspiration.

Best Metal Building Homes Pictures

Modern Design

Modern Home Design Ideas

Metal appearance is not only seen from the exterior. You can use metal material for the inside, including the main frame.

Metal has good resistance and can be relied on for the long term. Examples of metal are the windows on the rooftop and the frame for the fire pit.

Big Metal House

Big Metal House Ideas

This metal house design is suitable if you have a large area. Metal house has a foundation made of river stone which is made for the bottom as well.

After that, the metal is installed to produce a strong building. The metal used is a horizontal form that is adapted to the rooftop shape. You may need to adjust them with your contractor.

Large metal houses also require several large supporting parts such as doors. You can make a double door with a sliding door design, so it doesn’t take up space when you open it.

The rooftop can be decorated with several attics consisting of windows so that sunlight can enter the metal house and warm the room.

Minimalist Design

Best Metal Building Homes Pictures

It is not impossible if you make a metal house your main residence. If so, maybe you need a smaller size than barndominium.

The entire building, such as the roof and walls, uses metal and is painted white. This is so that the house reflects sunlight so that it doesn’t feel hot during the day.

In addition to the metal which is transformed into white, you can also make a house that is high enough on the roof with the window above.

You can open the windows during the day so that the air can circulate properly. If the shape of the house is wide enough, add iron supports to support the rooftop awnings. Rooftop awnings protect windows and doors from rainwater.

Simple Design

Simple Home Design Ideas

A simple design to make a metal house does not require a lot of money and time. The building consists of strong metal with vertical lines.

All parts of the walls and roof use metal even though the colors are different. Usually, the walls use a light color while the roof uses a dark color.

Metal houses need good air circulation, especially if the house is quite short in size. You need to make several windows neatly spaced.

Windows will help keep the room cool due to good circulation. Add greenery and grass as an exterior landscaping for a greener atmosphere.

Farmhouse Design

Metal Building Homes Pictures

Farmhouse is synonymous with natural colors such as brown, black and white. These three colors can be adopted into your metal house.

The main building uses metal painted white in a vertical shape. Black color can be adopted for the roof. While you can use brown color for the windows, doors, roof awning wood, to the furniture on the patio.

Boxy House

Best Boxy House Pictures

The boxy metal house is a unique building. The shape is a box like a cube with a flat roof. This building has a two-story, so it is more suitable to be used as a cafe or working space.

You can add ornaments such as small blocks on the second floor. This structure will be even more unique if all the parts are the same color.

Metal House in Wood

Best Metal House in Wood

Do you have a land in the middle of a city forest? You can set up a metal house as your resting place.

The manufacture is quite easy and cheap, so this can be your investment. Metal material is used for walls and roofs that are built on a floating floor made of stone.

The frame for the house uses wood materials such as strong mahogany, as well as for the windows and doors.

Even in the middle of shady trees, the building still needs a lot of windows so you don’t feel too hot in the metal house. Add flower pots in front of the house so that the house looks cute.

Trendy Metal House

Trendy Metal House Ideas

This metal house has a unique color that is not white or black as usual. The metal is painted red so it looks appealing.

While the roof uses white, the same as the supports. Some of the windows have an arch top design so that this house looks classic as well as trendy.

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