5 Reasons Why Plastic Access Panel Is Also A Great Pick  

When discussing robust, sturdy, or environment-friendly materials to use in a commercial building, contractors and their clients often skip plastic-based utilities.

However, there are certain situations wherein relying on this component can benefit the construction of your business establishment, like in cases of access doors.

Plastic access panels bring tons of functionalities and perks to your commercial architecture. In this blog post, you’ll discover its features that might push you to consider having one in your project.

1. Lightweight and easy to install

Plastic Access Panel

Compared to metal-based panels, plastic-made access doors are relatively lightweight in size. Its slender appearance makes it ideal for indoor installations, particularly behind a painting or furniture piece.

On top of that, it’s quick and instant to install, often equipped with easily attachable snap latches and a removable door. Attaching its door frame also requires fewer tools during its application, such as caulking adhesives that you can buy in a squeezable tube or an easy-release gun.

2. Budget-friendly alternative

Plastic access panels are a low-cost solution that you can utilize as an economical replacement for costly access doors. It’s the cheapest access panel option that you can avail of in the industry.

For instance, plastic ceiling access panels’ market price ranges from $14 to $54 compared to plaster flush access doors, whose lowest-priced offering starts at $68 and can go over $100. With its budget-friendly financial value, you can save up on your project cost without compromising its quality.

3. Neat and aesthetic finish

Suppose you aim to conceal decorative fixtures, such as plumbing, electrical, and mechanical wirings. In that case, you can fully use plastic access doors to achieve your target aesthetic finish.

Thanks to its paintable white-coated door leaf, you’re free to paint its surface to match the surroundings. This way, visitors can hardly tell that a plastic panel is in your establishment’s office or lounge.

4. Add more functionality


Plastic access doors are perfect for ceiling and wall installation. It can seamlessly hide behind your furniture and paintings for much easier maintenance access.

Due to its plastic build-up, many experts recommend its application in areas with amplified condensation and molding. These issues usually mean water or moisture leakage permeates an opening area.

The plastic access panel is your best chemical and solvent-resistant weapon to prevent corrosion or mildew from further seeping through the cracks. It can be a wise option for your building project’s outdoor access doors.

5. Durable and easily replaceable

Lastly, its durability makes plastic panels an excellent pick for indoor or outdoor access. Some builders may think otherwise, but plastic is a durable building material reinforced with fibrous elements strengthening its stability. Depending on your chosen shape and thickness, you can enhance its sturdiness more.

Moreover, fire-resistant plastics designed with cellulose acetate are slow to burn, while PVC plastics will take a long while to catch fire, making them ideal for placing in high-heat exposure spaces. In addition, plastic access panels are a handy option requiring little to no maintenance.

It needs no special protection coating during the finishing touches. You’re free to leave it as it is, making painting a preferred choice rather than a requirement.

If you notice any damage, there’s no need to worry much, as you can effortlessly replace it just as swiftly as the installation was.

Powerful underdog

Whether you’re a contractor or building owner, it’s time to reconsider installing plastic access panels in the establishment areas that need it the most.

If you need a lightweight, inexpensive, elegant, durable, corrosion and mildew-resistant access door, you can trust plastic-based panels to cater to your demands.

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