12 Inspiring Lattice Fence Ideas to Renew Your Yard Look

Lattice Fence Ideas – Lots of garden walls, patio screens, and spa enclosures are using the lattice fences. If you need privacy, framing your garden with lattice fences is a brilliant idea.

Lattice fence also prevent the harsh sunlight from entering your areas. When you install lattice fence properly, it will look awesome in your garden.

Among so many lattice fence ideas, here are the most famous ones you can choose for your yards.

Special Lattice Fence for Those Needing Privacy

Special Lattice Fence Design

Unlike standard lattice fence, the one that provides extra privacy has tighter pattern. Privacy lattice fence is still letting the light entering the area inside the fencing.

But tighter pattern weave is going to obscure all views outside your lattice fencing.

This kind of lattice fences is usually used in so many dog runs as well as backyard fencing. Is this the right lattice fence for your yards?

Lattice Fencing with Open Weave Details

Best Fencing Ideas


Technically, the entire lattice has open weave. But the word open weave here refers to lattice fencing that has bigger pattern.

If you want fencing that offers privacy, this one isn’t for you. Though open weave detail on lattice fences don’t provide privacy, it is going to add decorative look to your yard.

For your garden, open weave lattice fencing can be used in some gazebos and for climbing plants and vines

Combining Privacy and Beauty with Lattice Fence Ideas

Privacy Lattice Fence Ideas

If you want extra privacy but you also love lattice fencing, consider using lattice toppers for fences.

To get this special fencing, get privacy fence you desire first, then find long lattice panels that are attached to your privacy fence’s top.

You will get total privacy and also decorative lattice element together at once. You can even use this along your decks and even as planter boxes or garden material.

Simple but Awesome Spindle Lattice

Best Spindle Lattice

Another option to top your privacy fencing is the spindle lattice. Unlike general lattice, this one doesn’t have crisscross which is identical with lattice.

Spindle lattice comes with vertical pattern that doesn’t provide so much privacy. However, spindle lattice fencing is going to bring unique touch to your garden and the fence it has.

Rustic Styled Lattice Fence from Unfinished Wood

Rustic Styled Lattice

Lattice fencing can be made of any material you desire. The most famous material used to build lattice fencing is the unfinished wood.

Unfinished wood allows you to choose any finish you want. You’re free to leave your unfinished wood natural, paint it, or stain it.

Unfinished wood that’s used to build lattice fencing usually is redwood, birch, or cedar. Make sure you treat unfinished lattice fence ideas properly.

Lattice Fencing Made of Vinyl for Contemporary Look

lattice fence ideas

Vinyl lattice comes in various colors you can choose to match your exterior theme. Vinyl is also durable and is able to withstand the entire weather conditions.

You can even use vinyl lattice as portable screens that give you the privacy you need.

Then you can set up the vinyl lattice easily if you need it for some special events like parties or weddings. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to recolor your vinyl lattice fences.

Lattice Fencing for Industrial Themed Garden

Fencing for Industrial Themed Garden

Wood that’s combined with wires can be a magnificent fencing for your industrial themed garden.

The natural color of the frame of wooden lattice fencing is going to blend perfectly with the plants in your garden.

Then the color of wire weave of the lattice fence can match the metal bucket you use to plant some container plants. Interested to try this and some previous lattice fence ideas above?

Growing Vines on Your Wooden Lattice

Growing Vines on Your Wooden Lattice

Lattice fencing is an excellent home for vines. Grow whatever you want and those vines are going to be the most beautiful screen that’s offering all privacy you need.

Pick vines that will give you colorful flowers so they’ll add more color splash around the color of wooden lattice.

Treat not only the vines but also maintain your wooden lattice so that it won’t rot.

Vertical Patterned Lattice Fencing for Chic Exterior

Vertical Patterned Lattice Ideas

Remember the spindle lattice we’ve been talking about? It isn’t always combined with privacy screen. You can plant the vertical spindle lattice directly on the ground.

It is going to match the railing of your porch perfectly. It doesn’t offer privacy you want.

Instead, this kind of lattice fencing is the best to show people the beauty of your front yard and the beautiful flowers growing in the garden.

Renewing the Look of Your Lattice Fences

Best Lattice Fences

When you get bored of lattice fencing, there’s no need to replace the fencing with the new one.

All you need to do is trying one of lattice fence ideas: taking some different colored paints then recolor your lattice fences.

If you are used to have white fencings, you should try creating colorful lattice fencing. Fresh colors like red, yellow, green, and blue are creating new look to your garden.

Matching Your Lattice Fencing with Outdoor Furniture

Lattice Fencing Ideas

This idea belongs to those who have colorful plants living in the garden. If the lattice fencing is colorful as well, there might be too many colors in the garden.

So, the best way is to paint the lattice fence in the same color as the outdoor furniture like the garden chairs.

Neutralize the garden by placing monochrome colored outdoor furniture and fencing between crowded colored plants.

Cute Lattice Fencing with Arch

Lattice Fencing Ideas

Arch is improving the beauty of your garden. Place the arch between the lattice fences. Don’t you think newlywed looks cute when they step under the arch?

You’ll feel the same when you step into the garden through the arch. Of you can place a swing or a bench under the arch. It is going to be a nice spot to enjoy the pretty garden you’ve grown.

If I have my own backyard that needs a fence, I’ll try some of the lattice fence ideas above, like the one with arch and the vines one.

You’re free to try on or more ideas above. Just make sure you know which idea that matches the garden you have.

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