12 Stunning Pool Fence Ideas for Extraordinary Backyard

Pool Fence Ideas – Summer would be more fun with some splashes of water. It means we’re going to need a private swimming pool where we can refresh our summer anytime we want.

And a swimming pool would need a fencing that is going to keep everyone safe. Kids can be blocked from getting into the water. Accidental falls can also be prevented by the entire pool fence ideas you’ll see down here.

Beautiful Pool Fence Ideas

Modern Styled Pool Fences Made of Metal

Modern Styled Pool Fence Ideas

Most metal fences for swimming pool are made of aluminum that are famous because of their anti-rusting character and extra durability.

Besides, unlike the other types of fencing for swimming pool, the cost of aluminum fencing is much cheaper.

Durable and unbreakable are just two characters of aluminum fencing. If you’re looking for straightforward and simple fencing, aluminum is the best option.

Luxurious Swimming Pool Fencing from Glass

Luxurious Swimming Pool Design

Just like aluminum fencing, glass fences are also durable. Glass fences allow you to enjoy the unobstructed view of your pool and the landscape around it.

There are two options of glass swimming pool fencing: the frameless one and semi frameless glass fencing. Both styles are offering contemporary look to the pool. The thickness is reasonable so it won’t break easily.

Super Safe Mesh Pool Fence Ideas Around Your Private Pool

Super Safe Mesh Pool Fence Ideas

Lots of mesh fencing for swimming pool out there are made of woven of steel. Those mesh fences are rust free and strong enough.

Those fencings work the way glass fences do: do not blocking the beauty of your landscape. However, mesh fences don’t work as barriers and cannot protect you when the strong wind comes.

Chain links that are so small don’t let pets and kids to climb or jump over the fence.

Add Antique Look by Using Wrought Iron Fencing

Using Wrought Iron Fencing

Everybody loves the antique look given by wrought iron fencing. Not only the antique look, wrought iron swimming pool fences also come with elegance and durability.

Make sure that you design the wrought iron fences carefully so that your kids couldn’t climb up fencing’s bars.

If you need a fencing that looks aesthetic and classic, you’re going to choose wrought iron instead of glass and mesh fencing.

Classic but Captivating Wooden Fencing to Frame Your Pool

Captivating Wooden Fencing Design

Wooden fencing comes with traditional look that is going to give you more privacy than the previous types of swimming pool fences.

Wooden fences for pool come in a bunch of designs, shapes, colors, and sizes. If you maintain your wooden fencing properly, your beautiful wooden fences are going to last long.

Paint your wooden pool fence ideas twice or at least once per year and it will shine forever.

Simple yet Adorable Vinyl Fences for Private Pool

Adorable Vinyl Fence Ideas

If you want to copy the beauty of wooden fencing, vinyl would be an excellent choice. It looks just like wooden fencing but vinyl fencing comes in much cheaper price.

Vinyl fences also require less maintenance compared to wooden fences.

You can also install the vinyl fencing more easily than building the wooden fencing. The most famous vinyl fencing is the white one but there are other colors.

Framing Your Beautiful Swimming Pool with Succulents

Beautiful Swimming Pool Concept

For those who have no kids and pets, natural fencing might be another option. There are thousands of plants you can use to frame your swimming pool, and the first one is succulent.

Just Make sure you pick succulents that have no spines like needles or thorns unless you want your swimsuit to be ruined while you take a rest next to your pool. Consider aeonium, cotyledon, or crassula to frame your pool.

Fresh Pool Fence Ideas from Ornamental Grass

Best Pool Fence Ideas

Can you imagine swimming between the nature? Now it is possible. Instead of building modern styled fencing, consider using ornamental grass to frame your pool.

Not only requires low maintenance, ornamental grass is also visually striking.

To frame the pool, you can choose one or more between these beautiful grasses: giant reed, lemongrass, bamboo, blue fescue, feather grass, or phormium.

Elegant Swimming Pool Surrounded by Vines

Elegant Swimming Pool Ideas

Vines can climb over the walls then weave the way through trellises and fences. So many vines grow fast and quickly create privacy screen for those swimming in the pool.

When you’re looking for vines to fence the pool, consider choosing jasmine vine, honeysuckle vine, passionflower vine, trumpet vine, or lady banks rose vine. They’re going to add nature touch and beauty to your pool.

Container Gardens Around the Modern Swimming Pool

Modern Swimming Pool Design

Though aluminum or the other metal fencings are incredible option to frame modern pool, there’s an alternative. It is the container gardens or plants you grow in containers.

Those plants grown in modern styled pots or containers should be placed close to the pool.

You can move these natural pool fence ideas around depends on occasion. Pick plants which follow filler, spiller, and thriller design technique.

Plants with Sweet Smells to Help You Enjoy the Swimming

Sweet Smells to Help You Enjoy the Swimming

Nature gives our lovely fragrance that smells much better than anything else in the world. Enjoy the sweet smells once you’re done framing your pool with sweet scented trees, shrubs, and vines.

Plants those fragrance not only around the pool, but also along your path, and close to the dining area next to your pool. Enjoy the scents that can never be captured in candle or perfume.

Tropical Plant Fencing to Create Beautiful Paradise

Tropical Plant Fencing Ideas

Some plants like bird of paradise, hibiscus, ginger, canna, palms, and papyrus are some highly recommended plants for those who are looking for living fencing around the pool.

Before buying those plants, make sure that the climate where you live allows you to grow them next to the swimming pool.

If climate doesn’t matter with those plants, their exotic look will perfect your wonderful backyard.

If I have my own private pool, I’d try the container garden or the ornamental grass pool fence ideas. I can imagine relaxing between the fresh living plants after exhausting days.

Keep these ideas so you can get inspired every time you’re going to renew your swimming pool fencing.

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