10 Best Pool Deck Designs and Ideas to Inspire Your Backyard

Pool Deck Ideas – Summer needs freshness by upgrading your playground, one of which is by making a swimming pool. The swimming pool is perfect for being a place of fun, so that you and your family don’t feel bored and still get fresh.

Swimming pools certainly need a deck that has a special design to make it look more attractive, so you have to choose pool deck ideas for some inspirations.

You can choose a variety of designs according to your needs. Swimming pools usually have to be safe, clean, and look attractive so you can build it in your backyard.

You can also use a useful deck and become the main decoration like the design in the following.

Beautiful Pool Deck Ideas

Pool Deck with Steps

Best Pool Deck with Steps

This design is not a new design that you may just see, because this design has been widely used by various groups.

This design is specifically for people who want to make their swimming pool look tall and deep because of the steps, so that your page will look wider and fuller.

You can also equip the mini swimming pool with white furniture to make it look nicer. Usually, this design is also equipped with a wooden fence to keep your privacy intact.

This design is also equipped with wood material which makes it non-slippery, making it a safe and comfortable swimming pool.

Pool Deck with One Ladder

Pool Deck with One Ladder

This pool deck design is very suitable to be equipped with wood material which will make it look more unique and comfortable. This design will be more suitable if you make a round shape for the swimming pool.

You can also add a wooden fence to make the design more perfect. This design is perfect for those of you who want to have a swimming pool with maintained privacy, because not everyone can enter and use it.

You also don’t need to bother choosing paint on the pool deck because natural wood colors make it beautiful.

Outstanding Pool Deck

Outstanding Pool Deck Picture

If you like a California-style design, then this design can be your choice. This California design is complemented by a circular deck decoration with wood lined around the swimming pool.

The shape of the swimming pool can be abstract, square, or round. All of this shape can be the inspiration for your pool deck ideas.

The hallmark of this design is a unique deck, so you can immediately see that this design is a California style.

This design is very suitable for use in villas, or places that have beautiful views. You can also add shady trees to make it look more beautiful.

Australian Modern Pool Deck

Best Modern Pool Deck

This design is specially designed to look modern with glass and square swimming pool shape. This design will also be more perfect if combined with various kinds of lights that can make it look brighter.

You can also add the right furniture to make it look more elegant. This design is very suitable to be applied behind the house so that your privacy when swimming is protected.

Simple Pool Deck Ideas

simple pool ideas

This simple pool deck is perfect for those of you who don’t want to be confused with the decoration. This is because you only need to pay attention to the sparkling form of swimming, and the decorations that will complement it.

The decoration is quite equipped with wood that is circular and surrounds the swimming pool, so that your swimming pool will look more simple and elegant. This design is also very safe to use for children’s swimming pools. Since the area is gonna be affected by weather and pool water, wooden material could take up a lot of maintenance and replacement. You might want to consider using composite trex select boards to avoid time-consuming, costly maintenance.

Outdoor Pool Deck

Outdoor Pool Deck Concept

The focus of this design is that you don’t have to bother choosing the furniture, because all the furniture will be suitable to be applied in this swimming pool. You can also choose a swimming pool color with white to make it more modern.

The square shape effect of this swimming pool is to make it look more minimalist and modern, so you can be proud of this pool.

You can also apply it in a villa that is located in the mountains, because the design is perfect for beautiful and outdoor places.

Deck Pool with Slide

Deck Pool with Slide

This design is perfect for small children’s swimming pools, because the slides can be used for them to have fun. This design can also be equipped with a hot pool, if you need it.

This spacious deck can also be equipped with wood material, so that the floor will not be slippery. You can also add a short fence to make this design even safer.

Deck Pool Large Ideas

Best Deck Pool Large Ideas

This spacious deck can function as a terrace, a place to relax, and play for children. You can also complete this deck with a swimming pool to make it look more luxurious.

The luxury of this pool can be seen from the furniture that complements it. The wood color on the deck also makes this design look more beautiful and charming. You also can use this for the reference of your pool deck ideas.

Modern Glass Pool Deck

Modern Glass Pool Deck Design

This pool deck design is perfect for those of you who like a minimalist and elegant look. This design can be applied in a narrow space because the decoration is suitable for any type of swimming pool.

The glass in this swimming pool can make your pool more elegant and modern, so that the lights in the swimming pool will look more beautiful at night.

Solid Modern Pool Deck

Solid Modern Pool Deck Ideas

This design is very suitable to be complemented with a pool box shape and wooden deck. This wooden deck will make the swimming pool look more modern, because it fits perfectly with the white swimming pool.

You also don’t need to bother adding furniture, because this simple, elegant design is not required to add furniture.

The design above is a decoration choice from pool deck ideas that you can use according to your needs.

You also have to pay attention to the area, materials, and furniture that will complement the pool deck, before making a swimming pool.

Make sure the space, budget, and water in your area are sufficient to make this decoration. You also have to pay attention to the safe deck material that doesn’t make it slippery.

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