7 Manga Like The Beginning After The End to Put on Your Must-Read List

Manga Like The Beginning After The End – There is no doubt that The Beginning After the End is among the most popular manhwa in the world. It tells a unique isekai story with an amazing and overpowered protagonist.

Searching for manga like The Beginning After the End? If you are, we have a list of manga that you should check out below.

1. Black Haze

Black Haze Manhwa

Black Haze follows the story of Road, a doubtful individual who was sent to Helios, a famous magic school after a disastrous mission. In the school, Road is tasked with protecting the son of an important person.

The task won’t be easy, however, as the person Road must protect has a very bad time at Helios. Can Road fulfill the task?

2. The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

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Lucas Trowman was once the greatest archmage in the world’s history. That is, until Demigod condemned Lucas to spend eternity losing his mind.

4,000 years later, Lucas managed to thrust back into the world. He enters the body of Frei Blake, the least talented and weakest student at the Westroad Academy for mages.

He soon learns that the world of magic barely makes any progress.

Lucas then sets out on a journey to find out the cause and exact revenge against Demigod.

3. Manga Like The Beginning After the End: Return of The 8th Class Magician

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Many years after serving the United Empire, the protagonist was betrayed by Ragnar, the very emperor that he loyally served.

Rather than allowing the protagonist to spend the rest of his life in peace, Ragnar kills him, fearing that he will overthrow him.

And thus, the protagonist’s journey to make things right starts.

4. The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years

The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years

The next manga like The Beginning After the End is The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 years.

It tells the story of a mighty magician by the name of Diablo Volfir, who was sealed for eons by the 12 Gods. 66666 years have passed since his sealing. Now, the mighty magician returns to earth once more.

5. Trash of Count’s Family

Trash of Count’s Family Manhwa

Choi Han is a high school student who was transported to another world.

When he opened his eyes, he finds himself inside a novel titled “The Birth of a Hero.” Unfortunately for Choi Han, he was the “trash” of the Count’s family.

6. Warble

Manhwa Like The Beginning After The End

Humans and demons live in separate realms. Demons in the underworld while humans in the overworld.

Human has only one means to travel between the two worlds, through mankind’s last hope: WARBLE.

7. The Rebirth Of an 8th Circled Wizard

The Rebirth Of an 8th Circled Wizard Manhwa

Henry Morris was falsely accused by the new king of the empire, who is the son of the very same person that he made a king.

His story doesn’t end there, however. Henry wakes up in the body of an individual who coincidentally has the same name as him.

Henry relearn not just magic but also swordsmanship, aiming to become the first magic swordsman so he can exact revenge.

That’s our list of  manga like The Beginning After the End. Similar to The Beginning After the End, the manga we listed have a unique story and amazing protagonist. After reading our recommendations, which one will you read first?

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