12 Best Fence Gate Ideas for Assorted Homes and Families

Fence Gate Ideas – Our gate is opening statement that is also offering nice first impression. Fence gate that’s blending with architectural design of our home is a perfect gate. Gate is combining function and form while providing safety layer.

Fence gate will keep pets and kids inside our yard. It will also add more security or add extra privacy. Complete your fencing with one of these awesome fence gate ideas.

Wooden Gate for Wooden Fence

Wooden Gate Design Ideas

Choose gate that is made of same material as your fencing. It is going to create cohesive and clean design. Wooden fence for example, is going to be awesome for wooden fence.

If your fence is made of stained wood, pick the same wood for the gate. Painted wooden gate is going to be awesome for painted fence and raw wooden fence is going to need raw wooden gate as well.

Metal Gate to Complete Contemporary Garden

Metal Fence Gate Ideas

For a house with contemporary style and simple garden on the yard, metal gate is going to be the perfect option.

Metal is including chain link that’s simple and practical, cast iron, aluminum, iron or wrought iron, and also corrugated metal. Adjust the material of metal for the fence gate ideas with the metal you use to build the fencing.

Simpler Gate with Lower Maintenance

simple gate ideas

Polyresin, PVC, and vinyl are some best materials to build the simplest gate for your fencing. The simple gate doesn’t need high maintenance, so it is excellent choice for busy ones.

It comes in assorted color option so you can find one that matches your fence the most. Vinyl is also used to build decking and fencing, so don’t hesitate about the quality and strength of vinyl gate.

Natural Fencing for a Traditional Themed Garden

Natural Fencing Ideas

If your garden needs something natural for the gate, consider the most famous materials including bamboo and rattan.

Those two materials are about to enhance the natural feels of your garden. Bamboo and rattan gates are going to work better when they meet fencing made of same material.

Build or buy the gate along with the fencing so that they’ll look harmonically perfect around your garden.

Composite Gate to Create Unique Look Between Your Fences

best fence gate ideas

Composite materials are going to make a garden fencing looks special. Some gates made of composite look like ashlar gate or stacked stone gate.

Composite is unique fence gate ideas since it is look like polyresin but when it is applied as gate, it will look like wooden gate, brick gate, or stone gate.

If you have stone fencing or brick fencing around your property, composite is the best material for your gate.

Cute Asian Gate to Complement Asian Garden Inside

fence gate image

Asia is full of beauty and characters. When you want something new for your garden, consider adding Asian styled gate between the fences.

For example, try Balinese Temple styled gate that looks antique between your wooden fencing.

To balance the gate and fencing, add some other natural ornaments including bluestone pavers, banana trees with red leaves, or birds of paradise plants in big size.

Modern Exterior with Plate Steel Gate

Modern Exterior Gate Ideas

If your old wrought iron gate doesn’t look good anymore, consider replacing it with new gate that’s fabricated from the plate steel.

Complete the gate with automatic gate opening system and make sure that your gate is swinging inward when you open the gate.

Black is the best color option for this kind of gate, monochrome is always good for modern style whether indoor or outdoor.

Striking Fence Gate Ideas with Unique Color

stunning dence design

Try something that’s totally different from others. For example, you can try framing a unique blue colored gate with stone wall and archway around the door.

Or you might want to paint your wooden gate with the other striking colors like yellow or red or pink or some other colors.

If you want to let people know where you live, complete the wooden gate with a sign showing your family name.

Tell People Where Your Gate Is

modern fence concept

There’s one way to let people know the location of your gate between the fences: using horizontal planks for the gate between the vertical planks of the fences, or vice versa.

Use the same materials for both fence and gate, whether bamboo or woods.

But make the gate looks special by arranging the wood or bamboo in different position. People will easily see that the different one is the gate.

Pergola Gate for Japanese Styled Garden

Pergola Gate Garden Ideas

Homes that follow Japanese style with lots of sliding doors, bamboos, and other Japanese ornaments must also have pergola gate.

The wooden pergola gate around the house is framing the Japanese styled house perfectly.

Make sure you pick the strongest woods that last forever and are able to fight the extreme weather like heavy rain and snow. You must try this one of fence gate ideas immediately.

Gate Made of Combination of Two Materials

best fence gate design


Woods are making your gate look classic but gorgeous while irons are adding the strong and firm accent to the gate. Why don’t you combine both materials for most perfect gate between your fencing?

This kind of gate is going to be awesome for house with wooden fencing, metal fencing, and even stone fencing. Stone fences will that give you privacy will be accentuated with this privacy gate as well.

Use Your Gate as Your Garden Focal Point

fence gate ideas

One way to make the gate becomes a focal point for your garden is by adding pergola or arch above it. But that’s not enough.

Complete the archway or pergola with vines to make people adore the gate. The best vines are the ones that give you flowers.

The fresh colored flowers will balance the green leaves and the natural colored gate so your garden won’t be boring anymore.

When choosing the right one between the fence gate ideas above, you’ll have to see what your family really needs.

If you have kids to protect, you might need a gate that can give you privacy so no one knows what’s inside the gate. Pick gate idea that’s not only match the garden but also the ones living in there.

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