12 Best Picket Fence Ideas in So Many Options

Picket Fence Ideas – Houses in America, especially the old ones, always have picket fence around the property. Though you’re not living in America, you can get the same fence to beautify the house and garden around the house.

But before looking for picket fence, make sure you check some picket fence ideas down here so you’ll know what kind of fencing you’re about to install around your property.

Best Picket Fence Ideas

Wooden Picket Fence for Warmer Look Around the Garden

Best Wooden Picket Fence

Everyone’s favorite material, wood comes in assorted price ranges. Various wooden picket fencing allows us to stain the wood in any color we desire.

They all come in lots of different shapes. If you love maintaining your stuffs and you have time for it, wooden picket fencing would be a nice option.

Wooden picket fencing needs you to recoat them periodically so that they’ll shine forever under extreme weather.

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Fascinating Look from Vinyl Picket Fencing

Best Vinyl Picket Fencing

Since the most wooden picket fences come in white color, vinyl is trying to copy that look. Vinyl picket fencing comes in white color to ease your life since it doesn’t require you to repaint it.

Vinyl fencing can be truly similar with the wooden fencing. That makes both fencing different is the glossy finish added to vinyl picket fencing. This second of picket fence ideas is perfect for those who are busy to maintain.

Cellular PVC To Imitate the Glory of Wooden Picket Fence

Wooden Picket Fence Design

Another picket fencing material that’s an excellent alternative for wooden fencing is the cellular PVC. It is plastic material that’s resistant to rot.

When you install this kind of fencing, you’ll see painted wood fencing from distance.

The white color of PVC picket fencing is the best one to copy classic wooden picket fencing. However, you can coat it using exterior paint in any color you desire.

Traditional Styled Metal Picket Fencing

Traditional Styled Metal Picket Fencing Design

Powder coated steel or aluminum that’s capped by the spear points is a beautiful picket fencing. If you want picket fence you can clean easily, this is the one.

You only have to clean it by using water from the hose. If there are scratches on your metal picket fencing all you have to do is just repairing them using fresh spray paint coat.

Ready to apply this fourth of picket fence ideas at home?

Wood Imitation Picket Fencing for Rustic Styled House

Wood Imitation Fencing

Unlike PVC, this wood imitation is more brilliant option to frame your property. It is called composite. Composite picket fence comes with texture that makes it looks like real wooden picket fence.

Usually, composite picket fencing is provided prefinished in stained tone. Use this one if you want picket fencing looks like wood but requires lower maintenance.

Functional Spear Picket Fencing

Spear Picket Fencing Style

There are so many styles of picket fence. The first one is the functional spear. This picket fencing has pointed pickets that will shed water.

When this fencing style meets wooden materials that are resistant to rot like white oak, locust, and cedar, the best finish you must apply is the unpainted one.

Even though this kind of famous picket fences is usually made of woods, you’re free to use PVC or composite one.

The Turned Revival Styled Picket Fencing

Awesome Picket Fencing Concept

This one is a better option for families with kids, especially if the picket fencing is not so high. Sharp points might be dangerous for kids, but the round eased bead and top of turned revival picket fencing is way more secure and safe.

This style comes in many material options. For example, you can look for bamboo picket fence ideas for super natural fencing around your property.

Gorgeous Georgian Pointed Picket Fencing

Georgian Pointed Picket Fencing Design

Picket fences with Georgian points usually are made of locust or cypress woods. Carpenter would have to spend more time to cut the details of the bead, so it is normal to pay more for the details.

Woods are the main material to build picket fences with Georgian points. But if you want one made of another material, you might want the one made of composite with the wooden look it brings.

Classic Picket with Fantastic Look for Garden

Classic Picket with Fantastic Look

There’s nothing better than classic pointed picket fencing. It looks like the functional spear one but it has more three-dimension look.

This one usually is made of woods. Pick classic picket fencing that has unique shaped cap on every post.

Not only the classic picket will make your garden looks more impressive but also the caps of the post are going to enhance the beauty of the fencing.

Chic Victorian Shaped Picket Fence Ideas

Best fence designs

To frame a garden full of colorful flowers, Victorian shaped picket fencing is the best option. It has unique picket shape and points that usually aren’t sharp.

You’re free to paint every picket with any color you want. Just make sure that you don’t make the garden looks too crowded.

If your flowers already have various colors, it is much better to leave the picket fence in its natural color.

Capped Picket Fencing with Extra Safety

Capped Picket Fence Ideas

Here comes the other safe picket fencing for families. Capped picket fencing has the look of picket but without the sharp point.

Instead, the pickets end right at the top rail. It comes with cottage feel and clean look.

Some capped picket fencings have diagonal bracing that helps preventing your picket gate from any racking. Besides, diagonal bracing will also show people where the gate is.

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Scallop Designed Picket Fencing

Picket Fencing Ideas

This is a picket fencing that the picket curve down gently between two posts. The curve creates rhythm sense when your guests are approaching on your driveway.

To make your picket fencing looks more attractive, complete the posts with ball caps or spike caps instead of flat caps. Grow some flowers around the scallop designed picket fence to add some fresh colors over the white.

Between a dozen picket fence ideas above, the most famous ones in my neighborhood is the metal one.

Whether you want to follow what your neighbors had or you want to pick one that matches your style, don’t forget to consider your family. Choose picket fencing that’s safe for your children and pets

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