12 Most Popular Chain Link Fence Ideas for Appealing Yard

Chain Link Fence Ideas – If you need an affordable fencing but robust to protect your house, chain link fencing is what you’re looking for. Chain link fencing is modest investment that let you enjoy strong security around the property.

And unlike the other types of fencing, chain link doesn’t require complicated maintenance. If you’re busy and has no time maintaining the fences, try these chain link fence ideas.

Best Chain Link Fence Ideas

Galvanized Chain Link Fencing

chain link fence covering ideas

Galvanized fencing is the most famous chain link fence that’s bought and used by so many people. Since chain link fencing is made of metal, it becomes susceptible to the rusting.

Luckily, there’s galvanized fencing that’s fixing this issue. Galvanized fencing makes the fences become more durable as well as more attractive at once. It can be made of zinc or some other materials.

Chain Link Fencing Coated with Polymer and PVC

chain link fence privacy ideas

Galvanized zinc coating is an effective and cheap way to keep your chain link fence protected. But if you want coating that’s offering more aesthetic, you’re going to need polymer or PVC coating.

Both coatings are perfect for houses fencing but their cost is higher than galvanized steel. Polymer is powdered coating and PVC is vinyl coating. These chain link fence ideas are protected from rust.

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Color Coated Chain Link Fencing for Unique Look

chain link fence decorating ideas

PVC coating today comes in so many color options. This makes the chain link fencing looks more attractive than before.

Green PVC for example, has been used in many gardens since it is providing more natural appearance that can blend with the features in garden.

Organic color of PVC coatings like green and brown are the most famous one. They can blend with the natural environments.

Get More Privacy with Chain Link Fencing

Get More Privacy

Who told you chain link fencing couldn’t give you privacy?  There’s slatted fencing now made of chain link. The main problem of chain link fence for those looking for privacy is the holes’ size.

Slatted fencing has slat that inserts into link material and offering extra privacy and coverage for you.

This kind of fencing is offering more appealing style as well. The slats are also made of robust material.

The Most Natural Bamboo Chain Link Fence Ideas

The Most Natural Bamboo

Combining chain link and rolled bamboo is going to create the most wonderful fencing. Rolled bamboo itself is built of the attached poles that the thickness is between ¾ inch and 2 inches.

Complete your chain link fencing with pole screens of bamboo by tying them together. Pick poles that have been cut on bamboo nodes. You’ll get extra attractive and natural look on your garden.

Another Natural Fencing Idea with Chain Link and Reeds

Another Natural Fencing Idea

Pick bamboo reeds that the thickness is about the size of drinking straw and have been woven into mats that the length is between 8 and 16 feet.

You can carry then transport the rolls of woven reeds easily from the store to your home. Use the reed screens vertically with the chain link.

Chain link fencing with reed screens give you almost a hundred percent of privacy. But you need to take good care of it.

Gain More Privacy with Chain Link and Mesh Screens

Chain Link and Mesh Screens

Unlike tarp that is going to catch wind and look like sail, mesh screen that is wind and water permeable is a better option.

Mesh screen comes with trim in double thick around its perimeter. It also comes with brass grommets right on trip which allows you to attach the mesh screen to your chain link fencing using the zip ties.

Compared to previous chain link fence ideas, this one offers the highest privacy.

Upgrading Your Chain Link Fencing

privacy ideas for chain link fence

How are you going to upgrade your chain link fences? One solution is by combining it with wood panels. Screw regular wood panels to your chain link fencing using the U brackets.

Wooden panels have been preconstructed in the factory so you don’t have to nail up the boards individually. The durability of this combination is unbelievable.

Cedar wood for example, is really weather resistant. Try this upgrade.

Hanging Plants on Your Chain Link Fences

Hanging Plants

If you don’t want to add screens to your chain link fence, you might want to decorate it in another way. One special way to try is hanging some potted plants or plants in container to the chain link.

Cute baskets are also awesome ornament to beautify your simple fencing. Grow some colorful flowers in those baskets or pots or containers and let them spread freshness to the entire fencing.

Full Color Yard with Colorful Fencing

chain link fence cover ideas

You can also earn more privacy by decorating the chain link fencing. Fill the holes of chain link fences with colorful stuff.

By blocking the holes you’ll cover your yard so no one outside can see what’s on the other side of the fence. The colors you use to block the holes are going to enhance the beauty of your garden.

Which one between this and previous chain link fence ideas you’re going to try?

Decorating Chain Link Fencing with Seasonal Ornaments

chain link fence design ideas

Before December comes, you can prepare a Christmas wreath and decide which part of chain link fencing is going to hold the Christmas wreath.

Complete the wreath with some other Christmas themed ornaments like bells or tiny dolls hung on the chain link.

Or you can add a wreath of pine that is going to perfect the look of your ugly fence during the autumn and thanksgiving.

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Let Your Fence Glow in The Dark

chain link fence ideas

Lights are the best option to make your classic chain link fence looks more special. Just prepare long string lights that you can use to cover the entire chain link.

Turn the lights on at nights and let your fence becomes the most eye-catching centerpiece for your garden or yard. It can be a great background for your romantic dinner with your loved one.

I really love the last of creative chain link fence ideas above. I always want to have lots of lights at nights so that I don’t have to scared of the darkness anymore. What about you? Don’t you think some of those ideas will be cool to be applied to your fence?

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