13 Inspiring Wood Deck Design Ideas For Your Home

Wood Deck Ideas – A beautiful deck design can attract the attention of people who visit your home. The deck size can be adjusted according to your backyard condition or your needs.

Various wood deck ideas have their own impression ranging from minimalism to luxury. You can spend time in this place just to relax or party with friends.

Best Wood Deck Ideas

1. Contemporary Wood Deck

Contemporary Wood Deck Ideas

Nowadays, contemporary exterior styles are in great demand because the fine lines make them elegant. The deck with this design also prioritizes simplicity with a blend of neutral colors.

You can get creative by making your decks into separate sections linked by steps. Although the deck is small, several deck levels make it unique because it is different from other decks in general.

Furniture that can be added above the deck is a sofa to relax. Choose a sofa with a neutral color like the Scandinavian style.

The edges of the deck are decorated with outlines that contrast in color. Add lights at the bottom of the outline for lighting. Yellow lights build a calm and romantic atmosphere.

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2. Curved Wood Deck

Curved Wood Deck Design

Not all decks have to be square or rectangular. You can try curve design for the patio part. The big challenge is just making the right designs and measurements.

You also need to make your own slate deck because it requires a curved shape, which is different from the usual.

Decoration for decks is not just furniture such as chairs or coffee tables. You can give different colors to certain slate decks.

Choose a color that comes from the same shade. If you are using a mocca color, use a brown color for the outline. The edge of the deck can be added to a bench which has same color as the ground.

3. Mini dining space

Mini dining space ideas

Wood deck can be a dining room outside the house. Make a deck equipped with a pergola or canopy as protective shades.

Pergola can be used to hang lights. A long dining table can be an option with chairs that are still attached to the deck. Make sure the deck is made sturdy to accommodate the weight of people when eating together.

You can also add a living room sofa sitting on your wooden deck dining space. This will add some coziness to the atmosphere. Additionally, when you have guests coming over, this set can provide extra space for everyone to sit and enjoy dinner comfortably.

4. Brazilian style

Brazilian style deck ideas

Brazilian style usually puts a deck on the backyard. They use it to relax and gather with family. The wood deck ideas in this style use a floating design to place a long sofa.

To block out the sun, the deck is equipped with a small canopy in the form of an umbrella that is adjusted to the size of the deck.

5. Deck with shades

Best Deck with shades

It’s incomplete if a wood deck doesn’t have shades on the top. The pergola addition can make it look unique. Sunlight will enter through the open gaps to warm the deck.

You can make a full or partial pergola according to your need. When it rains, you can attach the sail shades to keep the deck safe from water.

6. Deck with fire pit

Deck with fire pit ideas

Having a large deck will be monotonous if you leave it without decoration. In the middle, you can add a small fire pit.

When you gather with your family at night, the fire pit can be a light and warm. Make sure the fire pit is safe on the wooden deck so that it is not dangerous when the fire is on.

7. Semi garden wood deck

Semi garden wood deck ideas

You can create a garden that dominates a wooden deck. Make several planters using the same wood. Then the planter is filled with various small plants or grasses.

Apart from relaxing, the deck will become a favorite place for gardening. A cool and comfortable feel will be obtained every time you are on the patio.

8. Wooden deck with pool

Wooden deck with pool concept

A pool surrounded by a deck, why not? The blue water will contrast with the touch of wood so that it will beautify the swimming pool design.

But, you need to pay attention to the type of wood that will be used to avoid easily brittle because it is often exposed to water. Add a planter box around the pool so the deck looks more beautiful.

9. Front porch deck

Front porch deck ideas

You can use porch as a place to relax. Wood deck ideas can be applied to a poch either on a floor that blends in with the ground or for a balcony.

The deck for this area is an inspiration which easy to apply. Complete with railings if you make it upstairs. Railing can be made of wood or metal.

10. Mini floating deck

Mini floating deck ideas

Floating wood decks are the cheapest patio inspiration. In addition, the deck can be moved or assembled according to the owner’s exterior taste.

Floating decks use supports and are generally separated from the house. The deck is perfect for both the front and back of the house. Add shade if you put furniture such as a sofa set.

11. Ground level deck

Ground level deck ideas

Besides paving blocks, you can make a ground level deck. It’s easy, the exterior feel warmer, the appearance is also unique.

This type of deck is mostly installed at the front of the house as a patio. The position of the deck is almost flat because it does not use supports.

Make sure the house area is flood-free so that the deck is not submerged when it rains.

12. Simple deck

Best Simple deck ideas

A simple deck you can create on your home. Make a deck that is enough to relax or use it to gather with family. If there is a large tree in the yard, put the deck under it.

If you don’t want additional furniture, use a wood chair made from the rest of the deck.

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13. Minimalist deck

minimalist deck design

Support the minimalist look of the house with a minimalist style deck. Use a deck color which is similar to inner tree trunks to make your patio look bright and clean.

You also don’t need to buy furniture other than a pot-shaped planter. Seats on the deck can be made using wood that matches the deck.

Making wood deck ideas needs to be adjusted to the conditions of the house and budget. The wood used will affect its appearance and durability over time.

You can be creative with an unlimited variety of designs. Make sure that the deck can support your comfort while at home.

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