9 High Ceiling Fireplace Ideas to Create a Dramatic Look

High ceiling fireplace is an impressive addition to any room. The fireplace that goes from the floor to the ceiling attracts your eye and creates a main focal point in the given space.

If you need an attention stealer, these tall fireplace ideas can make your interior look more breathtaking.

1. Towering Wood Fireplace for Rustic Charm

Towering Wood Fireplace for Rustic Charm

A towering wooden fireplace offers a rustic charm to your interior. The architectural structure looks impeccable with a beautiful marble mantel that comes in a brighter shade.

High ceiling paired with large glass windows provide extra airiness and openness, not to mention it brings outdoor views inside.

2. Floor to Ceiling Stone Fireplace with Roof Light

Floor to Ceiling Stone Fireplace with Roof Light

Stone is a popular material to build home fireplace. Not only do they promise durability, but they also offer visual appeal to any room.

The vaulted ceiling fireplace makes the interior look higher, combined with roof light that allows natural light to keep the indoor space bright and warm.

3. Modern Vaulted Ceiling Fireplace

Modern Vaulted Ceiling Fireplace

When you need a good-looking hearth for your modern country living space, this high ceiling fireplace idea is just for you.

The fireplace wall is covered with decorative black natural stones that add a strong character, blending perfectly with dark flooring and wooden ceiling.

4. Classic Fireplace Tower with Stone Cover

Classic Fireplace Tower with Stone Cover

Add a subtle flair of classic to your living room with this towering fireplace. The stone layer matches wooden flooring perfectly, giving a warm and aesthetic touch effortlessly. Place a decorative indoor plant around the fireplace for a natural look.

5. Scandinavian High Ceiling Fireplace

Scandinavian High Ceiling Fireplace

If you are looking for a modern high ceiling fireplace that fits your Scandinavian-style interior, this is an idea you shouldn’t skip.

Incorporating white stones with brick pattern, the high fireplace looks clean and sleek that complements white furniture and window panels.

6. White High Fireplace with Built-in Shelving

High ceiling fireplace

Transform your fireplace area into a main focal point in the living room with built-in shelving. This high ceiling fireplace is designed with shelves on either side where you can organize precious collectibles, photos, and knick-knacks.

7. Smooth Charcoal Fireplace Tower

Smooth Charcoal Fireplace Tower

A brick pattern charcoal fireplace can be an instant attention stealer in a white interior. Floating shelves are added on either side, providing extra visual appeal and organized look.

The fireplace mantel comes with a TV holder that allows you to enjoy favorite TV program while snuggling.

8. Corner Two-Story Fireplace

Corner Two-Story Fireplace

Transform an unused corner into a fabulous fireplace to optimize space in your living room. The floor-to-ceiling structure creates a visual illusion that makes a small room look higher and larger. Made from stone with brick pattern, the fireplace is ideal for farmhouse-style interior.

9. White Brick Ceiling Fireplace

White Brick Ceiling Fireplace

This white brick fireplace adds perfection to the all-white living room. The fireplace that meets the vaulted ceiling draw the eye to the height, making the interior visually taller. Install a television at the right elevation and a live plant to add color.

Different interior styles need distinct high ceiling fireplace ideas. Thanks to this hand-picked collection, you can easily find a towering fireplace inspiration that works perfectly in your interior.

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