17 Best Toilet Sink Combos For Small Bathrooms

Nobody wants to have tiny bathrooms but sometimes it happens and we have to be creative in designing that private area. Fortunately, there are thousands of inspirations about toilet sink combos which are truly helpful for tiny bathrooms.

You’re going to see 17 of these incredible eco-friendly ideas down here.

Stylish Toilet Sink Combos

1) Modern White Toilet Unit

White Toilet Unit Ideas

Modern bathroom is going to be grateful with this slim white toilet sink combination. The slim design of the toilet doesn’t take too much space in tiny bathrooms.

And the narrow sink next to it even has some drawers where you can keep toilet papers and other things organized and hidden under the sink.

White is always a perfect color for a small bathroom. It is not only elegant but it works best in reflecting the lights to make the small bathroom feels wider and freer.

2) Tiny Eco-Toilet With A Sink In One

Eco-Toilet With A Sink Idea

Toilet sink combination featuring the innovative Sanicompact toilet is designed not only to save space in tiny bathrooms but also offers a brilliant option for those who need to save money and water as well.

This cute inspiration for example, will recycle the water you use on the sink so that it can be used to flush your toilet.

This toilet sink combos design only needs a button on it, the flush button.

Pick a water tap that works automatically so that you won’t have to add an extra button and your toilet will look as elegant as it can.

3) Basin And Toilet Built-In Design

Toilet Built-In Design

Instead of filling your small bathroom with a bulky double sink, opt for this extraordinary built in toilet and sink. It has a sink on one side and toilet on another side.

The space above the toilet can be used as a table where you can place soaps and even decorations.

This design even has the toilet paper holder and hand towel holder. No need to be confused about where you’re going to mount them.

4) Minimalist Powder Room

Minimalist Powder Room Design

Even the narrowest powder room deserves a toilet and a sink. Place this excellent toilet and sink combination in your narrowest bathroom. Then place the towel holder above the sink.

You can even attach a simple mirror to the wall above your towel holder so everyone can beautify themselves before going out.

5) 2-in-1 Washbasin and Toilet Unit

Washbasin and Toilet Unit

This is what you need if your bathroom has some extra spaces. The previous idea above may be too complicated since the space is extremely limited so that you need to think how you can use the sink comfortably.

But this one is better but it requires enough space besides the toilet.

Using this kind of 2-in-1 toilet sink is more convenient from the side of the toilet. So, make sure there is enough space on at least one side of your toilet.

Or you can outsmart this by placing this unique toilet sink in the corner of your bathroom.

6) Tiny Toilet Room

Tiny Toilet Room Design

An extremely tiny toilet room like this needs the most compact toilet and sink. There is nothing better than this classic 2-in-1 toilet and sink.

Though the toilet sink combos are classic, you can make the room look better by adding a wall ornament like the wooden framed wall mirror.

Black and white look too boring in small rooms like this, but the presence of wood is enough to refresh the interior.

7) Curvy Sink with a Countertop and a Toilet

Curvy Sink with a Countertop

A combination of sink and toilet like this one is a much better option. This design hides the plumbing, makes the toilet and sink look so crisp and fresh.

Besides, there’s a little countertop above the toilet where you can place soaps and towels.

Since this built in toilet and sink comes with a modern look, make sure you complete it with a minimalist wall mirror like this awesome frameless wall mirror with light effect.

8) Toilet And A Sink Combo

A Sink Combo Idea

Modern bathrooms are usually identical with floating sinks. And for small modern bathrooms, there are beautiful options that combine toilets and floating bathroom sinks.

The design of this bathroom toilet and sink can even be matched with the bathtub, if there’s enough space for the tub inside.

Fit this toilet and sink combo at the corner of your tiny bathroom so it will leave more spaces around it.

9) Bathroom Under Stairs

Best Bathroom Under Stairs

Stairs always leave some space under that you can use to explore your creativity. For some people, the space under the stairs means bookcase or storage.

In some movies, it becomes a room for a slave. But in the real world, you can turn it to a minimalist bathroom.

Simply put a toilet and sink combo with the most unique design you can ever find in this space under the stairs. For the tissue or towel holder, mount it on the door if there’s too limited space on the wall.

10) Eco-Friendly And Space-Saving

Eco-Friendly sink ideas

Going eco-friendly doesn’t mean you can’t have a stylish bathroom. Check out this idea with a floating toilet and sink combination. The sink doesn’t have to be mounted right on top of your toilet.

This single structure of toilet sink combos is formed with a gorgeous curved shape that is combined with modern, simple, and clean lines. You’ll feel more comfortable to use the sink as well.

11) Contemporary Toilet-Basin Combo

Best Contemporary Toilet-Basin

Your built-in toilet sink can also be placed under the window, in the corner of your bathroom. Its narrow countertop is enough to carry the soaps and even a simple standing mirror in minimalist style.

Just make sure you shut the window every time you’re about to use the toilet to keep your privacy.

12) Toilet Combo With A Black Countertop

Combo With A Black Countertop

White will always be the most recommended color for tiny bathrooms. But you sure can add some splashes of another color such as black. This bathroom with a built-in sink and toilet has black countertop.

That black touch matches the black backsplash tiles that are used as accents on the walls and the ceramic tiles used on the floor.

No matter what color you want for the countertop of your toilet and sink, make sure it matches the other colors in the room.

13) Corner Toilet Unit

Corner Toilet Unit Idea

If the only left space for the toilet and sink is the corner of your bathroom, you’ll be thankful for this option.

The built-in sink and toilet fit perfectly in every corner of the bathroom. It is even completed with a toilet paper dispenser under the sink.

Mini countertop above the toilet can hold your toothbrushes, soap, and other stuff. Or you can hide them behind the storage mirror mounted on the wall.

14) Simple Toilet Design

Simple Toilet Design Ideas

Sleek and simple built-in sink and toilet in black and white brings a contemporary look to your bathroom.

It matches the white color in the room and the black wall mounted storage next to it. Complete the contemporary looks with a frameless wall mirror and your bathroom will be awesome.

Then cover the white floor with a rug that matches the color of the wall. A fresh potted green plant next to the toilet sink combos accentuate the eco-friendly theme you bring into the room.

15) A Sink With A Storage Space

Sink With A Storage Ideas

But if the walls don’t give you enough space to mount any storage, a corner sink and toilet with storage under the sink will be a great idea.

Hide extra towels, toilet papers, and even magazines in the storage next to the toilet.

There’s even a toilet paper holder inside the storage so that you’ll get a clean look of toilet paper holder besides the toilet. What a brilliant choice for a minimalist bathroom.

16) Vanity, Sink And Toilet Unit In One

Best Sink And Toilet Unit

If a bathroom is not so narrow, a combination between vanity, toilet, and sink would be a great option.

It provides a sink that can be accessed comfortably, toilet with a modern design, and countertop as well as enough storage to hold every single thing you’ll need to use in the toilet.

It saves space in a small bathroom while providing lots of storage. Make the wall more useful by attaching a storage mirror above the sink.

17) White Vanity, Sink And Toilet Combo

Sink And Toilet Combo Ideas

If you want your small bathroom to look clean but also want it to have some colors, color the floor. Feel free to use wooden floors that have natural color or colorful tiles.

But leave the walls, doors, toilet, and sink in white. Also, add a white rug on the floor to make the floor look wider.

White toilet sink combos here match the white walls and doors and help make the small bathroom look brighter and wider at once.

Add some colored ornaments on the walls if you want some extra colors. Just make sure everything you hang on the wall is framed with white so that they’ll match the walls.

Those ideas about eco-friendly sink and toilet combination will be useless if you don’t apply to your own bathroom.

Help the environment and your own small bathroom by installing the combo sink and toilet that helps save water while saving spaces and giving a unique look to your tiny bathroom.

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