10 Strongest Shadows of Sung Jin Woo in Manhwa Solo Leveling

Strongest Shadows of Sung Jin Woo – Sung Jin-woo’s Shadow Army includes these ranks: Normal, Elite, Knight, Elite Knight. The rank can increase as Sung Jin-woo levels up. As the rank increases, so does the appearance of the Shadow character.

For those who are not familiar with the Webtoon, it is recommended that you first read the summary of what to expect from this story.

Here are some of the strongest Shadow army characters that Sung Jin-Woo has awakened.

Top Strongest Shadows of Sung Jin Woo

#1. Igris – Shadow Army

Igris - Shadow Army Solo Leveling

Sung Jin-woo was hesitant about taking on the quest to change his job. He set off to confront the first Shadow he faced, who guarded an empty throne.

Igris is one of those shadows that Sungjin-woo has helped and how he became as strong as he did in solo leveling.

Igris, who joined Sung Jin-woo’s party when he was a Knight, became an Elite Knight and then finally attained the Marshal rank. It was through Igris that Sung Jin-woo gained the Dominator Touch skill.

#2. Tank – Shadow Army

Shadow of Sung Jin-woo

Sung Jin-woo encountered Tank, the iced bear and leader of a pack of iced bears, when he joined the White Tiger Guild.

Originally tanks were Elite ranking, but then they achieved Knight rank.

#3. Iron – Shadow Army

Iron solo leveling

When Sung Jin-woo was in the Red Gate dungeon, one of his team members from White Tiger Guild Kim Chul tried to kill him. But Sung Jin Woo killed and raised him as Iron.

Iron has a Taunt skill that gets the opponent stuck on him.

He’s one of the weaker characters in the webtoon and makes Shadow Magician his fanboy (often a meme). Starting as a Knight, Iron later evolved into an Elite Knight.

#4. Tusk – Shadow Army

sung jin woo solo leveling

Tusk is an Orc Shaman who served as High Chief of the High Orc tribe, but was eventually defeated and resurrected as a Shadow by Sung Jin-woo.

Tusk has access to twelve Zodiac Hymns spells. He attained the rank of Elite Knight and thereby obtained the rank of Commander, an elite ranking that is said to make beating an S-rank Hunter a breeze.

#5. Kaisel – Shadow Army

webtoon solo leveling

Kaisel is a wyvern named Kaiselin. After Sung Jin-woo defeated the Demon King, he found Iron had killed Kaiselin. Sung Jin-woo raised him as Kaisel.

After saving Sung Jin-woo from the Monarch of Destruction’s Dragon Breath, Kaisel was killed.

#6. Beru – Shadow Army

manhwa solo leveling

In the Jeju Island Arc, Beru was originally an ant king. Due to his immense strength, he could easily beat even Goto Ryuji—a general-ranked Hunter from Japan.

During his resurrected life as Shadow, he became a commander and will later level up again to become Marshal’s classmate.

#7. Jima – Shadow Army

Jima - Shadow Army

Jima was originally a leader of the A-rank Gate Dungeon, Sung Jin-woo defeated him and raised him as one of his Shadows. Jima is an Elite Knight.

#8. Kamish – Shadow Army

Kamish - Shadow Army

Kamish is a dragon and one of the most powerful magic beasts that appears at America’s S-rank Gate.

He destroyed the western part of America, killed many Elite Hunters (or monsters), and was called mankind’s greatest catastrophe by some.

Kamish was dead for too long, so when he was resurrected as a shadow, Kamish had to stay away from sung Jin-woo.

#9. Greed – Shadow Army

Strongest Shadows of Sung Jin Woo

Greed, once an S-ranked hunter named Hwang Dong-su (Scavenger Guild in America), was originally grudgeful toward Sung Jin-woo for killing his brother.

When resurrected as a Commander rank, Greed has no intention of stopping until he reaches the top.

#10. Belion – Shadow Army

strongest shadow army

Belion is one of the Shadow Monarch’s servants before Sung Jin-woo, Ashborn. Before recognizing him as her master, Bellion kneeled down to pledge his loyalty and servitude.

Belion is a powerful Shadow with one hundred thousand troops. He has the rank of Grand-Marshal and he can easily face off against Beru.

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