12 Most Creative DIY Speaker Stands Ideas

Why do we need DIY speaker stands? First, because we want it to improve our speaker’s sound quality. Second, we want our awesome speakers to look awesome and eye catching.

Third, we may want them to stay high to avoid anything harmful such as water damage and accidental kicks.

Instead of purchasing pricey speaker stands, consider building your very own stands. How can I make something like that?

Simply by checking our ideas down here and trying to imitate one or some of them. The inspiration below is going to enhance the look of your speakers at home.

Best DIY Speaker Stands Ideas

Portable Speaker to Save Space

Portable Speaker to Save Space Ideas

All you need to build this is a crate. Make your crate stand vertically and then attach some wheels on its corner. You can store your speaker inside the crate or place it above this speaker stand.

If you choose to place it on top of the crate, there will be extra space for you to store things inside the crate. Roll the speaker stand and hide it when you’re not going to use it. It helps you save space.

Unique Bench Styled Speaker Stands

Unique Bench Styled Speaker Stands

For those who need a multipurpose speaker stand, this idea would be awesome. You need to use sturdy materials to build this kind of speaker stand such as solid hardwood, steel that is powered coated, and also felt.

Place your speakers at the end of the bench so that you can use the bench’s center to sit. Add an ornament like the potted plant on another end so that it will look balanced.

Rustic Styled Speaker Stand

Rustic Styled Speaker Stand Ideas

This awesome inspiration is going to give you a speaker stand for two speakers, a storage space, and a tabletop where you can place your centerpiece.

Use plywood to build this unique old television styled speaker stand.

You’re going to place the speakers on the wings of this stand, so make sure those wings are firm enough to hold both speakers.

Extraordinary Space Saver DIY Speaker Stands

Best Space Saver DIY Speaker Stands

For the smallest room, this floating corner speaker stand is the most genius solution. Attach a thick and thin wooden board to the corner of the room then use it to place your speaker.

You can even build some other floating corner shelves above and under that speaker stand to place your decorations or collections so that your speakers won’t be alone.

Farmhouse Speaker Stands from Logs

Farmhouse Speaker Stand Ideas

Farmhouse fans must consider building these wonderful stands made of unused pallets that have been recycled.

Be as creative as possible in building your own farmhouse speaker stands. This idea comes with lots of magazine and book storage under the stand.

Instead of painting the speaker stands, consider leaving them in their wood’s natural color that will enhance the beauty of the farmhouse style.

Industrial Styled Speaker Stands

Industrial Styled Speaker Stands

If your interior has industrial style, copper plumbing pipes will be a brilliant material for your industrial DIY speaker stands.

Use copper pipes that are recycled to create the vintage speaker stand like this one.

Use superglue to attach the plumbing pipes and corner pieces to build a vintage styled speaker stand. Use the same materials to build the TV stand and magazine racks to match with the speaker stand.

Minimalist Wooden Speaker Stand

Wooden Speaker Stand Concept

Though wood is identical with rustic interior, it can be a minimalist ornament for your modern interior. To build this modern styled stand, you must use plywood to build the leg, back speaker stand part, and base.

Assemble all wooden board pieces and then screw all parts together.

Now you can place it on the corner of a modern living room and enjoy the music while it is decorating the interior.

Artistic Wooden Speaker Stand

Wooden Speaker Stand

Maple wood with stripes on its surface is going to beautify your room with wood color and wood texture.

The artistic shape of this speaker stand will make everyone focus on it soon as they enter the room. Yes, it is the best focal point ever.

Also, it works as a sound reflector that will create wonderful sound. Place it in the corner of your room and let people awe it every time they see it.

Cute DIY Speaker Stands for Your Working Desk

DIY Speaker Stand Design

These mini stands will not only help you organize your working desk, but also create a stylish look to your desk. Make your own mini stands like this one by using solid metal.

Solid metal is the right material to reduce the vibration caused by your speakers.

For the base of speaker stands, cut the inside part so that you will get a hole that makes your speaker stand look even more stunning.

Huge Speaker Stand in Cubes

Huge Speaker Stand Ideas

Choose big sized logs to create these incredible speaker stands. Simply measure the logs to fit the size of your speakers and then cut your wood’s edges.

Now sand your logs down in order to get the soft surface. Stain the speaker stands and get the most perfect wooden stands for your studio.

Awesome Octopus Wooden Stand

Octopus Wooden Stand Ideas

No, it doesn’t have to be an eight-legged stand. For legs are enough. Once you’re done assembling the base and legs of this wooden speaker stand, paint the surface using spray paint to match the color of other wooden furniture in the room.

These speaker stands have dark walnut color to match the wooden storage between the speakers. Choose your own color.

Chic DIY Speaker Stands in Pastels

Chic DIY Speaker Stands

Want something cute for your interior? Decorate the room with this chic speaker stand with hairpin legs. Use a wooden board for the base that has the same color as the other wooden furniture pieces in the room.

Spread pastel color for the legs and you will get the cutest speaker stands ever.

Which one between the twelfth ideas above that will be perfect for your interior? If you have speakers in every room at home, you may want to try different ideas for different rooms.

Just make sure that the speaker stand design you choose matches the interior design of every room.

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