7 Best Manga Like My Hero Academia to Read Next

Best Manga Like My Hero Academia – My Hero Academia is among the most popular ongoing manga in the world. It is hardly surprising. The manga, after all, offers moving stories, amazing characters, and, of course, fantastic action scenes.

Need recommendations of what to read next? Check out our manga like My Hero Academia list below.

1. One Punch Man

One Punch Man Manga

Saitama is a young man who decides to become a hero for fun. To become a hero, he relentlessly trains for three years, losing his hair as he gains power.

Now, he has all the power to become a hero. There is one problem, however. He has become too powerful he can defeat any enemy with a single punch.

Ironically, the power that he sought makes his life dull. Fortunately, Saitama’s life starts to turn around when a cyborg by the name of Genos asks him to be his master.

2. Black Clover

Manga Like My Hero Academia

Despite the setback he has, Asta is relentless. He trains intensely until on one fateful day, he receives a very rare five-leaf clover grimoire known as the Black Clover.

Can the magicless boy become the next Wizard King?

3. Kurogane

Manga Like My Hero Academia

The next manga like My Hero Academia is Kurogane. The manga tells the story of Kurogane Hirato, a high school student who is the best academically but the worst physically.

Hiroto was born with a weak body. He has no strength, endurance, or speed.

Despite being a weakling, he dreams of becoming a hero. He is not without talent, however.

He has incredible eyesight that enables him to see well beyond the level of anyone else in sports. It is just that his motor skills are not as incredible as his sight.

His life changes when he meets a ghost named Tojo Sayuri, who wants him to become her successor to her sword style.

4. Manga Like My Hero Academia: Naruto

Best Manga Like My Hero Academia

Naruto is a twelve-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a Hokage. Naruto has no family or friends.

To make it worse, he is shunned by most people in Konoha. Despite these, he determines to become the next Hokage so that he is respected by the people in Konoha.

5. Gamaran

Gamaran best manga

Unabara’s ruler, Washitzu Naosata, is looking for a successor. To decide who will be the next ruler of Unabara, he calls and tells his sons, all 31 of them, to find the strongest martial artist to represent them.

The martial artists will then fight one another. The son whose representative wins will be the next ruler of Unabara.

6. Fire Force

Fire Force Manga

Fire Force is a special firefighting team created to fight spontaneous combustion anywhere in Tokyo.

Can the team discover the source of the combustion and put a stop to it? The team must race against time before the city burns to ashes.

7. Reborn!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Tsunayoshi Sawada lives a pathetic life. He has horrible fitness, bad grades, and a non-existent social life.

His pathetic life starts to turn around when Reborn, a home tutor who claims to be the greatest hitman in the world, is ordered to train the boy to be the next ruling mafia leader.

That’s our list of manga like My Hero Academia. So, which manga on the list will you read first? Whichever it is, we hope you find them entertaining. Have fun!

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