4 Practical Methods to Solve Cydia Impactor Error Provision CPP 81

You may want to install apps that are not available on the iOS device. Cydia Impactor helps you to solve this problem. Unfortunately, some users face Cydia impactor error provision CPP 81 while using this software.

You may also have the same issue. Try the methods to solve Cydia Impactor error provision CPP 81 below.

Revoke the Certificate for the IPA Files 

The first thing to do is open the Cydia Impactor. Then, install the error IPA files. Click the OK button. Continue the process by searching for the Xcode option and clicking it.

You will see two options, which are the delete app ID and revoke certificates options. 

Since you want to remove the certificate of the error IPA files, click the revoke certificates option.

Now, enter your login credentials and execute it by clicking the OK button. A popup notification will appear after this step. 

It shows how many certificates the system will revoke. Click the OK button. Install the IPA files you want. Now, ensure that the issue is solved. 

Update the Cydia Impactor 

Cydia Impactor error provision CPP 81 may occur because you are using the old version of this software. The best solution is to update the software.

Ensure that you get the latest software from the official website or trusted sites to prevent any issues, such as malware or virus. 

Launch the software once you get the latest version and click the impactor option. You will see several options on the drop-down menu.

Click the check for an update to ensure that the latest version is available. Wait for the result.

Update to the latest version if it is available. Launch the Cydia Impactor, and the error provision CPP 81 will be gone.

Install the Package of the IPA File to Cydia 

You only have to launch the Cydia Impactor software first. Then, click the device option to go to the drop-down options. Find the install package option and click it.

Locate the IPA files on the device storage once the installation process is complete. Execute it by clicking the OK button.

Now, try to launch the Cydia Impactor to ensure that the issue is gone.   

Create a New Password

You can even try to solve the Cydia impactor error provision 81 issue by only creating a new password.

Visit applied.apple.com and log in to your account. Search for the security section and click the edit button. 

Now, delete the old password and create a new one. Don’t forget to add the name of the app before creating a new password.

Launch the Cydia and install the IPA file. Enter a new password you have created before. This simple trick often successfully solves the Cydia Impactor error provision CPP 81. 

Now, you know how to solve Cydia impactor error provision CPP 81.

At least, you have alternative options if a certain solution doesn’t work to fix the issue.

As a result, you can use the software to download any app that is unavailable on iOS devices, just like before. It works if you need to use certain apps immediately.  

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