How to Solve the Login Blocked Problem on Hulu

Hulu Your Login Has Been Blocked – Hulu offers a wide variety of shows and has become one of the biggest online streaming providers. We can even call it the rival of Netflix. It has more than 43 million paid subscribers and keeps growing.

So, it is not wrong to choose this service when you need a good source of entertainment. However, sometimes, Hulu also can be the source of your problems.

One of them is when you receive this message, Hulu your login has been blocked. 

What happened? Why did I get that message? It is mostly because your device has no permission for accessing your Hulu account.

Here, we are going to solve that Hulu sign-in problem together. Are you ready? Here are our simple guides that even the Hulu first-timer can use. We guarantee you can solve your problem with them.

Why Did You Have This Problem?

This problem is caused by various reasons. However, most of the subscribers experience this problem after they change the device to access their account.

The new device has not been recognized. So, for your account’s safety, Hulu prevents you from login in using the new device.

How to Solve This Problem?

  • Open your Hulu app on the mobile device that you use a lot to access Hulu using your current account,
  • Log in on the Welcome screen to access your account,
  • Tap the “Activate on a computer” option,
  • You will get an activation code that the app will display on your device screen. Make sure you remember or write it down.
  • Now, open the Hulu website on your computer. Go to the “Account Page” section.
  • Go to the “Watch Hulu on Your Devices” section. 
  • In this section, you can activate your account for the device that you can’t use to access Hulu. Use the activation code that you got previously here. 
  • Now, you can log in without any problem.

If the methods we explained above didn’t work, you don’t need to be disappointed. There are other methods you also can use.

However, you need to use it from your PC for this one. Here is another way to solve your Hulu account login problem.

  • Turn on your PC and go to Apps Settings.
  • Choose the Hulu app and click the Advanced Options menu.
  • On the new window, click the “Reset” button.

This method will reset all changes and the setting adjustment you did before. Hopefully, you can access your account without a problem.

However, if you still can’t log in to your account, you might need to uninstall, clear the cookies and data from your device, and then reinstall it. Once you launch the app, you can access your account.

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So, whenever you get the Hulu your login has been blocked message, no need to panic. It is not that your account gets hacked or something.

Follow our guide above. Then, you can solve this problem in no time. Then, enjoy the full entertainment service from Hulu to your heart’s content. 

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