How to Clean Windows Like a Pro? Here are The Best Ways to Do It

If you think that cleaning windows is easy, then you are wrong. The reason is, cleaning windows must be done in the right way so the window glass is not damaged. If you are wrong in cleaning the window, your window can be damaged.

So, that’s why many people ask what is the best way to clean windows without streaking. Therefore, here we provide some of the best ways related to how to clean windows like a pro.

Use Special Cleaning Materials

How to Clean Windows Like a Pro

If you want to clean window glass safely, you can use a special glass cleaner. It’s a good idea to make your own glass cleaner. Use water and dish soap as the cleaning materials.

This mixture will be able to clean various dirt that is on the window glass. Take it easy, no residual dirt will remain from the process of wiping the window glass using this mixture.

If you want to get the best results, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar. It is the most effective alternative material for cleaning various kinds of dirt from window glass.

Use A Rubber Cleaning Tool

You need to use safe glass cleaners as well. An example is rubber. There are many window cleaners made of rubber. If you use this tool, the window glass will not be scratched.

A rubber-based glass cleaner will be able to absorb the water and soap mixture. So, you can buy a rubber-based sweeper to scrub the windows of your house. You also have to rub it from top to bottom so there is no excess water on the window glass.

To ensure a thorough and safe cleaning process, it’s recommended to wear disposable vinyl gloves while using a rubber-based glass cleaner. This not only protects your hands from potential chemical exposure but also ensures a firm grip on the rubber tool, allowing you to effortlessly glide it across the window glass without any risk of scratching.

Clean The Window Frame First

Clean The Window Frame First

One of the best ways about how to clean windows like a pro is to clean the window frame first. The reason is, if you clean the window glass area first, dirt will accumulate on the window glass.

So, use a broom or toothbrush to clean the window frame area. You can sprinkle the area with baking soda or vinegar to clean the dirt that has accumulated in the area. Then, scrub the window frame using a damp cloth.

Do Not Use Newspapers or Tissues

Many people use paper towels and newspapers to clean window glass. In fact, don’t do that. The reason is, cleaning the window glass using tissue and newspaper will make the window glass scratched.

So, just use a microfiber cloth so you can clean the dirt from the window glass. Microfiber cloths can also remove all the dirt on the windows of your home more effectively.

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Clean Tall Windows with A Mop

Clean Tall Windows with A Mop

If you want to clean a high outdoor window, just use a mop. You should use water and soap to clean that area. Then, flush with water from the hose to clean the area.

After splashing with water, dry the part with a dry mop. If you don’t dry the area, it will have some water stains on it.

Those are the 5 best ways to clean windows that you can use to clean window glass. Now, you are not confused by how to clean windows like a pro, right?

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