5 Ways to Childproof Your Windows and Protect Your Kids

Many accidents that happen at home are caused by unprotected windows. Fortunately, there are different ways to childproof your window to reduce hospital visit due to accident.

such as using window locks and installing window guards. Read more here to find the best one for your home.

Install Child-Safe Window Blinds

Install Child-Safe Window Blinds

There is a huge number of accidental strangulations from window blind cords. For this reason, replacing your old window blinds can be an option to childproof your window. Opt for cordless version to minimize this risk so that you can leave the kids peacefully.

Good news, the market provides you with tons of child-safe window blinds. They come in various designs, sizes, and colors to improve any given space no matter style you adopt.

Restrict Openings with Window Restrictor

Restrict Openings with Window Restrictor

Installing window restrictors is one of effective ways to childproof your window. This home safety device helps prevent your window from being widely opened. That way, your kids won’t be able to climb and fall from the window.

Window restrictors are commonly fitted in a window frame. It has a string that is connected to the window opening so it cannot be opened past the length of the string. Some window restrictors are designed with metal instead of string, which typically give narrower opening.

Stay Safe with Window Locks

Stay Safe with Window Locks

Window locks are widely used in American households as it is considered the most effective way to protect your kids from window accident as it prevents your kids from opening the window. That way, it significantly reduces accident.

There are different kind of locks for different window but they function the same to childproof your window. This one comes with a handle so you don’t have to create a new hole on the window. Most of them are easy to install, allowing you to do it by yourself.

Use Childproof Window Stopper

Ways to Childproof Your Windows

Using window stoppers are among ways to childproof your window. This item allows fresh air to fill your room while ensuring the child’s safety. Window stoppers, similar to window restrictors, minimize the risk of falling through the window by letting it open partially.

In addition, window stoppers serve as a security mechanism that doesn’t sacrifice the beauty. It maintains the aesthetic, not to mention it can be added to any interior style. Window stoppers are available in various designs from a wide range of brands, so be careful when choosing.

Incorporate Childproof Window Guards

Incorporate Childproof Window Guards

Child proof window guards are suitable for any window size. This security item is recommended to install if you have toddlers and babies. Guards are the safest option but it may be costly. The good thing is that it is hard to open for toddlers which eliminate the risk of accident.

That said, the guards are easy to open for adults. In case of emergency, pull the guard so you can jump through the window.

With different ways to childproof your windows, it is much easier to find one that fits your home. Consider several aspects like your budget, type of window, and kid’s age before choosing a child proof system.

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