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12 DIY Display Cases for Numerous Collection Stuff

Our favorite collections are not supposed to stay in the warehouse. They need DIY display cases that can expose their beauty. Where are you going to display your collections?

Try one or more of these jaw dropping ideas and let your collections shine brightly.

Beautiful DIY Display Cases

Display Case for Doll Collections

Display Case for Doll Collections

Some of us loved to play dolls back then when we were younger. If you too have some doll collections, don’t let them hide in a crate.

Create your own wooden boxes with glass doors. Place a doll in every box.

Or, build a huge wooden cabinet that can contain all of your dolls. The glass doors will show everyone how cute your dolls are while protecting those little babies from dust.

Big Display Case for Watch Collections

Big Display Case for Watch Collections

If you have an open space on your wall, leverage it to hang your wooden framed watch case.

The wood framing glass door will bring elegance to your interior. And when you use it to display your watches, the elegance will enhance.

Group the watches properly. Display the casual ones on the top row and the formal ones on the lower rows. Add some lighting inside the case to make it look awesome at night.

DIY Display Cases for Your Favorite Shot Glass

DIY Display Cases for Your Favorite Shot Glass

Shot glasses you gathered from around the world would be a great collection to display in your house. Build a standing display cabinet made of wood and complete it with a glass door.

Fill it with all your shot glasses and place the cabinet close to your home bar.

If there is limited floor space, mount the cabinet to the wall but make sure it will stay strong and won’t fall down.

Handmade Display Case for Sunglasses

Handmade Display Case for Sunglasses

Wooden board is the material you can use to build the amazing sunglasses case. Make two symmetrical holes where you can place your sunglasses.

Or you can attach some wooden racks to the wooden board.

The small shelves can carry your sunglasses’ pockets. Paint this display case in your favorite color or in any color that matches your room. Mount it carefully on the wall and let it be your room’s centerpiece.

Cute Pastels Display Case

Cute Pastels Display Case

This display case is extremely unique. It has pastel colored racks and cabinets that are covered by wooden framed glass doors.

Build your own retail display case like this one by building the inner racks from woods and then painting them in pastel colors.

As for the wooden and glass frames, leave the woods in the natural color. Add lighting effects inside and let your clothes, shoes, or the other collections inside look shiny.

Awesome DIY Display Cases for Guitars

DIY DIY Display Cases for Guitars

Guitar case here is for those who love collecting many types of guitars. If you have some guitars to display, build the display case by using woods that have natural wooden texture.

Mount strong iron hooks to hold the guitars to the wooden bar inside this cabinet.

Add an extra drawer under the display cabinet to hide the extra guitar if the hooks are full and there is no more space in the cabinet.

Cool Display Case for Your Knife Collections

Display Case for Your Knife Collections

Displaying your knives in an open space like the one you can see in the movie Knives Out is not a good idea. Your knife may hurt your pet, kid, or anyone else.

Instead, consider building a rustic styled wooden display case with glass a door to show your knife.

Fill the wooden case with all of your knife collections and make sure you always shut its door. Add a lock system to the display case to make sure no one can open it and misuse the knife.

Handmade Display Case Made of Acrylic

Handmade Display Case Made of Acrylic

Keep in your mind that this display case cannot hold heavy things. But small and lightweight collections can be placed inside this display case.

Build your own display case from acrylic by completing the racks with some steps.

Those steps will show your collections in different levels so that everything will be visible. Complement the acrylic DIY display cases with lamps and your collections will be more outstanding.

Multipurpose Display Case

Multipurpose Display Case Ideas

This one is for those who want to display something but doesn’t have extra space for a display cabinet.

Turn your coffee table into a display case by completing it with an extraordinary glass tabletop that shows whatever you place under the tabletop.

Guns and its bullets are just example. You sure can place whatever you want under the tabletop and make your guests focus on the table while sitting around it.

One unique item you could showcase under the glass tabletop of your coffee table display case is a fencing rapier. Its elegant design and intricate details make it a captivating conversation starter, allowing you to share your passion for historical weaponry with your guests. The transparent surface provides an excellent view of the rapier’s hilt, guard, and blade, giving your collection a touch of sophistication.

Assorted Display Cases from Plexiglass

Assorted Display Cases from Plexiglass

Your vintage room is going to be more gorgeous with the presence of these incredible gold framed display cases.

The plexiglass looks elegant when it meets the gold colored copper frames. You can hang them on the walls or place them everywhere.

If possible, fill each box with a small lamp that is able to make your adorable plexiglass display storage look more adorable.

Simple yet Sweet Memory Box

Simple yet Sweet Memory Box

What you do with your loved one is actually a precious collection. Tickets from the journey of you and your partner can be a sweet and memorable collection.

Display those thickets in a glass frame with wooden borders.

If one frame is not enough to display all of your tickets, build some other frames. Place them all on your corner table or hang them on the walls.

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DIY Display Cases for Baseball Lovers

DIY Display Cases for Baseball Lovers

Instead of placing all your baseball collections inside the display cabinet, place them on iron stands. Then place those stands on a huge black iron rack that is mounted to the wall.

This open display case idea is perfect not only for baseball stuff but also for other sport stuff.

No matter what stuff you collect, it deserves a great display case. Make your own display case so that you can customize it depends on the collections you have.

Place it in the living room so everyone who just enters the room will definitely notice how wonderful your collection is.

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