How to Insulate Windows with Plastic in 4 Simple Steps

Window insulation helps maintain the indoor temperature. There are different methods to insulate windows but if you need an affordable alternative, plastic is the best option. Learn more here to know how to insulate windows with plastic in simple and easy ways.

Prepare the Tools and Materials

Prepare the Tools and Materials for insulate

First thing first, prepare the tools and materials before starting the project. Installing plastic insulation is relatively simple and does not require too many items. Things to prepare include plastic, double-sided foam tape, and hair dryer. You may also need to prepare the measure tape.

Using heavy duty plastic to cover window helps save maintenance cost because you do not have to replace the plastic every few months. In addition, using high quality plastic ensures the ability to insulate the temperature.

Cleaning the window is the part of preparation stage. Be sure to remove dust and debris from your window so that the foam tape can stick properly, allowing the plastic to stay in place longer.

Measure the Window and Stick Foam Tape

Measure the Window and Stick Foam Tape

The next step of how to insulate windows with plastic is measuring the window using your measure tape. Inspect and measure the molding around your window where you are going to stick the foam tape, allowing you to get a precise size of the plastic. Cut the plastic based on the size of the window.

Continue by sticking the foam tape on the molding around your window. Do not stick the double-sided foam tape on the wall or glass pane because the insulation won’t work well. Apply the tape firmly until the entire side is taped.

Stick the Plastic Carefully

Stick the Plastic Carefully

Now you can start sticking the plastic. This is the trickiest part of installing window insulation because it can make or break the entire project. Remove the backing of the tape and stick the plastic carefully. If you are using a heavy-duty plastic, your task will be easier because the plastic is relatively thicker.

But if you are using a plastic wrap, how to insulate windows with plastic may be a little more difficult. Start from the top right to the top left and cut the plastic when the tape ends. If you are using a heavy-duty plastic, cut it to the right size and stick from top to bottom.

Do it very carefully so that the plastic does not fold, giving you a clean and tidy result.

Heat the Plastic to Tighten Up

how to insulate windows with plastic

Heating up the plastic is a finishing stage when insulating your windows with plastic. The purpose helps remove the wrinkles in the plastic and make it look taunt and firm. Start at a corner and move the hair dryer diagonally to the opposite corner.

If you have excess film around the edges, use your scissors to remove it. Now your plastic is successfully insulated to keep the room temperature stable.

How to insulate windows with plastic is quite simple so you can do it by yourself. Paying attention to each stage allowing you to get a perfect result. If you think these steps are too much, you can consult nearby home builder.

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