Reasons Why You Should Use Double Cam Duct Access Doors  

Is your restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system near its completion? You will need a double-cam duct access door. With these doors, you will efficiently and quickly maintain and clean your exhaust system whenever needed to avoid grease and oil from building up.

What are Double Cam Duct Access Doors?

The double-cam duct doors are best for a commercial kitchen that requires access to sheet metal ducts. It uses a state-of-the-art self-stick frame of galvanized steel with well-liked standard features for easier installation. Lastly, its door panel is removable and has a mill finish, and self-tightening operated cam latch.

Having a cleaner kitchen exhaust duct system is the way for you to effectively prevent debris and grease buildup that can cause a fire.

How well and often you clean your kitchen system will depend on your access. Using double-cam duct access stores, professionals can quickly enter your kitchen system and clean it thoroughly.

You can easily install the duct access doors on the sides or top of your ductwork, and installing them in the elbows of the duct system is also advisable.

You must never put the double-cam duct access doors on the bottom part of the duct. Adding an adequate number of duct access doors will make it easier for the cleaners to access your ductwork correctly.

What are the benefits of the Double Cam Duct Access Doors?

There are numerous advantages these access doors can offer to any business owner, especially restaurant owners.

However, there are still a lot who overlook its importance for a business. Luckily, we have gathered the benefits of such access doors for your business.

Reduce Risks

Use Double Cam Duct Access Doors

We know there are ways to prevent fires, but accidents can still happen and will be challenging to avoid. For instance, having a neglected ductwork system may cause mold and bacteria buildup. For the kitchen, the combustible grease buildup may cause risk to your staff.

Stainless steel duct access doors are combustible due to the grease deposits, which is why they are risky. Ductwork and ventilation maintenance is essential to ensure the business flow is smooth. It can cost you more if you have an unexpected repair that will affect the business.

Adhere to local safety regulations and building codes

Every state has a different law, but all must comply with fire and health regulations. It is essential to have proper cleaning, especially for restaurants.

One of the essential standards any business must oblige is the NFPA-96 standards, which includes the capacity and design of the exhaust system and the location depending on the types of equipment. Here are the relevant NFPA-96 regulations:

  • NFPA-96 4.1.8: This regulation requires an access door for all your exhaust systems to ensure thorough cleaning.
  • NFPA-96 5.1.2: Every area with exhaust vapor and grease must have a watertight wield. You must secure the exterior wield up to its bottom and outermost part of the ventilation hood.
  • NFPA-96 7.3.1: You must install access doors in the most accessible area of your duct system.
  • NFPA-96 7.4.3: Its opening must be accessible by a work stage or 10-feet stepladder.
  • NFPA-96 If human access is not possible, you must have a proper entry for maintenance or cleaning.

The codes for the grease duct access doors for commercial kitchens might differ depending on where you are situated.

Your business needs access panels

Installing double-cam duct access doors is essential, especially if you are opening your restaurant. Your commercial kitchen needs easy access for proper repair, maintenance, cleaning, and following the laws for the safety of everyone in the building.

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