Looking For The Perfect Skirting Board For Your House? Check The Buying Guide Here!

It is a dream of every homeowner to make their home look splendid. A skirting board is one of the best ways to add tremendous value to your house. Besides, it also makes the wall’s lower part more smooth and more seamless.

A person can find different types of modern skirting board that comes in different sizes and colors, and you can choose the one that will match your premises’ color scheme. You can get a better understanding of the board from here https://mdfskirtingworld.co.uk/skirting-boards/.

These boards even come with different patterns, and homeowners can select the one that matches their tastes and preferences. The size a person chooses depends on the area they want to conceal. There are several known features that make it difficult for the person to choose the one.

That is why here you will find some great reasons to help you buy a skirting board. You will know what will make you buy this and what you should keep in mind if you are buying these skirting boards for your home.

How to choose?

Look below to learn about the things which you need to consider while buying the skirting boards-

1. Size of the room matters

When people build a new thing in their house, they do not want it to look bad or awkward. That is why they usually make a 3D plan that will let them see how it will view after it is finished. For that, you need to check the size of your room and make sure it fits with the height of your room.

For instance- If you have a high roof, you need to use the skirting board, which is taller because only it will match the balance.

You need to ensure you have chosen the appropriate size for the board. If you need, you can even take the measurement of your room and then choose the size of the board so that you can get the perfect one!

2. Quality of Material

Material is another essential thing that matters the most. You must ensure that the board you have chosen will last longer. The person must consider the climatic condition of the area while buying.

For instance, if you live in a hot region, it is better to get an MDF skirting board that will resist the heat and does not need the crack quickly.

Quality matters the most, so while choosing the material, you must ensure you are not getting the cheaper one. You can instead make the budget and then choose the one material which fits best and is of high quality so that you can have value for your money.

3. The colors you choose give an aesthetic look

Before building or buying the skirting board in your house, you need to ensure you are taking color in mind.

Make sure that the board’s color blends with the room because you do not want it to clash. You should never forget that the flooring must also match the skirting board. Otherwise, that will look awkward.

Always check the design, and it should fit well with the room’s wall, flooring, and theme. If you are still unsure about what you should buy, you can even contact the interior designer, as they will help you with that.

Skirting Board For Your House

How to choose the size of the skirting board?

Regarding the size of the skirting board, things may get so much harder. You may not know where you have to start, as there are several options. But from here, you can get some knowledge about the size of the skirting board before you order-

1. Height

The height of the Skirting board matters the most and is the first thing you should consider. Of course, you will find different heights, but while buying, you need to buy the one with the height that matches the existing board.

But if you are getting it for the new house, then you should choose any height that will depend on your personal opinion. There are different heights of the board, which include-

  • 70mm to 95mm
  • 120mm to 170mm
  • 195mm to 220mm
  • 250mm and above

You can choose any of these that you think will look according to your room height, theme, and color. If you are not sure about anything, then you can take some help from any other person.

2. Thickness

Once you have chosen the desired height, then you need to move forward to the thickness of the skirting board. While looking for a new board, you need to choose one that will match the existing one or look good in your room.

There are different types of thicknesses available, and choosing will depend on the person’s opinion. It comes in 15mm, 18 mm, and 25 mm.

3. Length

Next, which you need to look for is the length of the skirting board. It is the easy thing that you need to decide.

It is because it will depend on the length of your and you can choose the one that will fit your wall easily. However, it also comes in different lengths, such as 3050mm and 4200mm.

4. Finishing

Once you have decided everything, the next thing you need to consider is the finishes of the board. Whether you want primes or unprimed finish or undercoat on the board? It may take a little time for you, but you can choose the finish quality that will look professional.

How much maintenance does the skirting board need?

When it comes to the maintenance of the skirting board, and you do not have much time to do so, then you can just laminate it.

You will not need any sanding, painting, or anything else. But if you will get a wooden skirting board, then it is essential for the person to maintain it regularly.

However, it will be costly for the person, too, as they just do not have to spend money but require time to maintain it.

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