7 Tray Ceiling Painting Ideas That Are Perfect Overhead

Tray ceiling is an aesthetic architectural feature that transforms a boring plain ceiling into a focal point. If you have one at home, let it shine with the right tray ceiling painting ideas.

From basic white that looks clean to teal palette that offers coziness, you’ll want to take a closer look at these options.

1. Basic White Paint for Larger Effect

Basic White Paint for Larger Effect

White is the most basic and safest alternative to refresh any room. Many homeowners count on this color scheme to create a visual effect on their small space, thanks to the ability to make the room feel brighter, airier, and larger.

The best of all, white ceiling tray blends perfectly with any wall color from the darkest to the brightest. You can also pair it with off-white shade for simple tray ceiling painting ideas.

2. Warm Earth Tone with White Molding

tray ceiling painting ideas

Choose earth tones if you want to bring warm and welcoming ambiance. This deep tone helps make your tray ceiling pop, not to mention it creates an elegant character. White molding gives a clear boundary that helps your eye focus on the focal point.

These tray ceiling painting ideas can be combined with deeper tone walls, allowing your ceiling to look standout.

3. Pair with Olive Green

Pair with Olive Green

If you want to have fun with color but not too much, this paint idea will do. Pairing a shade of olive green and white gives you an opportunity to represent your personality and character while keeping everything under control. Thanks to white tray ceiling that neutralize the colors.

4. Deeper Shade of Green for Ceiling and Wall

Deeper Shade of Green for Ceiling and Wall

A deep shade of green is a great option if you want to make your room look mature. Painting your bedroom wall and ceiling with the same color is not a bad idea, especially if you need a simple room without too many elements. You can also add a white accent for highlights.

5. Try Shade of Gray

Try Shade of Gray

Gray is an elegant and neutral color palette that is ideal for any room style. If your bedroom wall is gray, paint your tray ceiling with a darker shade of gray to create a perfect match. To complement these tray ceiling painting ideas, highlight the molding white to blend the different colors.

6. Look Sophisticated with Dark Brown

Look Sophisticated with Dark Brown

You always have an opportunity to experiment with paints. If you want to gain a unique look overhead, consider painting your tray ceiling dark chocolate brown. This color scheme is rarely chosen but it can make your space look sophisticated. The authentic dark color adds depth and interest.

7. Teal for Freshness and Coziness

Teal for Freshness and Coziness

Thinking about the best color for your kid’s bedroom? Make sure teal is on your list. This shade of green comes with a playful look and it adds freshness not only to the ceiling but also the entire room. Pair with white for a neutral option or grey for a nice match.

Choosing the best paint for overhead area is tricky as it can make or break the room. These selections of tray ceiling painting ideas come in handy to help you pick the best color palette.

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