7 Awesome Minecraft Redstone Ideas

As one of the new Minecraft players, you probably want to know some genius Minecraft Redstone ideas you have never heard before. Redstone itself is a material in Minecraft that you can use to save your time and use lower effort.

Minecraft is actually a game that is easy to play. This game has so many things you can collect, including the Redstone.

Redstone will help you by simplifying and automating things in Minecraft. If you have no idea what Redstone can do, here are some things you better know.

1. Awesome Redstone Creations in Minecraft

Best Redstone Creations in Minecraft

The tree farm is something awesome Minecraft has for you. Chopping wood is a recurring activity in Minecraft that can make you feel bored.

The wood itself is needed by all Minecrafters. Players must harvest the woods and regrow them from saplings. This will be much easier with the help of Redstone.

2. Extraordinary Redstone Machines

Extraordinary Redstone Machines

Sorting many items so they can enter the right chests also requires you to spend a lot of time playing Minecraft. Use Redstone to make your hoppers sort the items automatically.

Hoppers will sort the items into the respective chests much more easily. It will also help you expand the storage easily.

3. Create a Cool Water Remover

Create a Cool Water Remover

It is not easy to create the Redstone water drainer. But if you can make it, you’ll love it when you need to do some big underwater projects.

Redstone isn’t the only material for this project; you’ll also need some other materials such as observers and slime blocks. This machine is a beginner-friendly machine.

4. Piston Door Minecraft Redstone Ideas

Piston Door Minecraft Redstone Ideas

Piston doors in Minecraft are not cheap to build since this building requires some sticky pistons, which means you need to collect slime balls.

But the execution is very simple. And the Redstone can even help you to create a hidden entrance so you can survive better in the game.

5. Efficient Redstone Builds

Efficient Redstone Builds

After entering the Nether Fortress, you can find the Blaze spawner then build the farm around the spawning block. The design is compact and very nice, and it fits most Minecrafters’ needs.

If this is too difficult for you, you can start with the non-Redstone version before expanding to the Redstone version.

6. Pumpkin and Melon Farm

Pumpkin and Melon Farm

For you who want to build easy Redstone builds, consider building a pumpkin and melon farm. This farm is not a must, but you can get fantastic food sources with this farm.

There are various ways to build a farm. But if you want the automatic way, Redstone will help you get it much more easily.

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7. Wheat Farm with Redstone

Wheat Farm with Redstone

Wheat is an extremely important crop in Minecraft since you’ll need this to create foods for breeds like sheep and cows.

Then those animals will give you leather and wool. This wheat farm is the best way you can choose to start learning about Redstone.

Minecraft Redstone ideas above are going to help you to be more creative in using redstones in building things more easily. Learn more to use Redstone, and you’ll love Minecraft more than ever.

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