7 Awesome Minecraft Lamp Designs and Ideas

Minecraft lamp designs are one of many designs you can make in the game. There are various types of lamps you can create easily in the game.

But for those who just started playing the game, there would be some clues to follow to make the most creative lamps in Minecraft.

Minecraft itself comes in so many versions. There are now Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Education Edition.

No matter what version of Minecraft you’re playing right now. Try these ideas and create your own fascinating lamp in the game.

1. Minecraft Redstone Lamp

Minecraft Redstone Lamp

Redstone lamp is an easy lamp to create. This one requires you to prepare a crafting table that has a 3×3 crafting grid.

Then you’ll need to add one glowstone as well as four redstones to the crafting grid. The glowstone must be in the center of the crafting grid.

Then each of the redstones must be on the top, bottom, left, and right of the glowstone. Once the Redstone lamp appears, keep it in your inventory and use it.

2. Minecraft Amazing Lantern Design

Amazing Lantern Design

Lanterns are also easy to create. Prepare the 3×3 crafting grid like the previous one. Place a torch right in the middle of the crafting grid.

And then place eight iron nuggets in the grid around the torch. A lantern will appear on the right box. Keep it inside the inventory.

3. Village Style Minecraft Lamp Designs

Village Style Minecraft

A lamp or lantern in your Minecraft game will be more outstanding with the right lamp post.

Create an extraordinary village-style lamp by using one black wool for the first layer, four torches for the illumination, and three fences to create the post.

4. Classic and Easy to Make Light Posts

Easy to Make Light Posts

Classic post for the classic lamp is really easy to make. You will need two fences to make the fence posts. And then add glowstone to your fence thing.

Finally, make four trapdoors and place them around your glowstone. This is going to give you the classic Minecraft lamp.

5. Medieval Style Lamp Post Ideas


Interested in making this incredible and sturdy lamp in your realm? Then you’ll need to prepare some materials like the base block for the bottom part of the post.

Glowstone is a great material for the lamp, but you can also use the sea lantern. Don’t forget to place the trapdoors on every side of the lamp.

6. Unique Minecraft Lamp Post Designs

Unique Minecraft Lamp

Create this cool lamp design by using cacao beams. As always, use the glow stones to illuminate the spaces around the lamp.

Place the blocks of glowstone right under the piston. Place these incredible lamp posts anywhere in your realm in the Minecraft game.

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7. Simple But Awesome Lamp Design

Awesome Lamp Design

The cute wooden lamp here requires you to use a stone fence to start building the lamp as well as two fences in regular wooden type.

Add trapdoors, each trap door on every side. And then light the middle part of the lamp with fire.

Various Minecraft lamp designs can be explored. Make sure you use your creativity to create your very own unique lamp design for your own realms.

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