9 Easy Minecraft Barn Designs and Ideas

Minecraft is a new world where you can create anything you want, including Minecraft barn designs, castles, houses, everything.

However, you need to collect blocks which are the materials to build things in this ‘world.’ If you need to build a barn, various designs may inspire you.

However, each barn design requires different materials. The small one needs fewer materials, but the huge one requires you to play a little bit longer to collect the entire materials to build it.

Below are the most attractive barns you can build in your Minecraft world.

1. Easy to Build Medieval Barn

Easy to Build Medieval Barn

There are 689 blocks required to build this barn. You should prepare 244 hay bale blocks, 154 oak wood blocks, 83 spruce wood planks, 55 gravels, 51 grasses, 37 dirt, 24 oak fences, 4 cauldrons, 3 ladders, 3 oak fence gates, and 2 torches.

Use them all to create this simple medieval-style barn idea.

2. Gothic Barn Ideas to Complete Your Gothic House

Gothic Barn Ideas

Love something gothic? Then you must complete your gothic house with a gothic barn. Unfortunately, it is not easy to create this barn.

You’ll need at least 1269 blocks to build this one. Collect 299 spruce woods, 158 spruce wood stairs, 120 white stained clay, and more materials to create a gothic barn.

3. Jungle Themed Minecraft Barn Designs

Jungle Themed Minecraft

For those who really love the beauty of nature, a jungle-themed bar is a perfect option.

This kind of barn needs 253 oak wood planks, 214 oak woods, 190 jungle leaves, 140 vines, 70 oak fences, 58 wooden slabs, 45 jungle woods, 10 chests, 9 torches, 6 ladders, 4 oak wood stairs, and 4 oak fence gates.

4. Easy Roman Styled Barn

Easy Roman Styled Barn

This amazing barn will be your favorite barn. This building can be a special home for your favorite animals. Little piggies, cows, horses, everyone will be happy in this little barn. You’ll need 187 brick slabs, 175 oak woods, 161 bricks, 116 sandstones, 51 oak fences, and some more materials.

5. Barn with Horse Stable Ideas

Barn with Horse Stable Ideas

If you have a lot of horses, you’ll have to prepare a cozy home for them.

Create this modern barn with stables by using 841 red wools, 350 grasses, 250 spruce wood stairs, 238 smooth sandstones, 224 birch wood planks, 177 dirt, 112 oak wood planks, 99 hay bales, and the other crucial materials.

6. Rustic Town Style Barn

Rustic Town Style Barn

If you want a small-sized barn, you’ll love the rustic town-style barn here. The barn has some dark colors like grey and brown and also some fresh colors like green and yellow.

To build this one, you’ll have to prepare cobblestone stairs, dark oak wood planks, stone bricks, dark oak woods, and more.

7. Light Colored Acacia Farm Barn

Light Colored Acacia Farm Barn

The main materials to build this barn are acacia wood planks and acacia woods. This building also needs oak fences, hay bales, grasses, oak wood slabs, and magenta wools.

To make the barn stand more firmly, use double acacia wood slabs, iron bars, wooden trapdoors, and pink wools.

8. Unique But Aesthetic Greywatch Barn

Unique But Aesthetic Greywatch Barn


One unique barn you can build is the grey watch barn. This one requires you to use at least 937 blocks to build the barn.

Brown stained clays, spruce woods, white stained clays, oak wood planks, dark oak fences, cobblestones, stone bricks, hay bales, yellow carpets, and chests are some materials you need.

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9. Luxurious Barn Design

Luxurious Barn Design

Finally, here comes the most luxurious barn you can consider building. Your own barn doesn’t need to be this amazing; use your creativity and your desire to build this version of the barn.

Your Minecraft barn designs should make you proud. Use the ideas above only as your inspiration, and then build your very own barn in your realm.

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