7 Awesome Floor to Ceiling Window Apartments

Floor to ceiling windows are an architectural interest. Not only does it shower your interior with natural light, but it also enhances the overall look of your space. Floor to ceiling window apartments allow you to enjoy sky view without leaving indoor coziness.

Often known as window walls, floor to ceiling windows are available in operable and non-operable options. Take a look at these beautiful window wall ideas to upgrade your apartment or condo.

1. Black Panels to Add Contrast

Black Panels to Add Contrast

Window walls commonly use aluminum paneling which is available in black and white. Opting for black panels can create an attractive contrast to your white walls, giving a simple yet modern look to the interior. Pair with a white drapery that goes from your ceiling to the floor.

2. Abundant Natural Light

Abundant Natural Light

This floor to ceiling window luxury apartments in orchard road allows you to sit gracefully in your cozy sofa while enjoying your tea and waiting for the sunset. Enjoy the amazing sky view without obstruction thanks to clear glass windows that brings the outdoors inside.

This window wall idea is suitable for any interior. If you want to create a Scandinavian interior, focus on neutral-colored furnishings such as sofa, coffee table, and wall ornaments.

3. Window Walls to Appreciate Sky View

Floor to ceiling window apartments

Tall window apartments let you appreciate the beauty of outdoor views without going outside. This window wall comes with non-operable sections that add a visual interest. Black paneling is ideal for any apartment that adopts modern, contemporary, or minimalist styles.

4. Scandinavian Floor to Ceiling Window

Scandinavian Floor to Ceiling Window

A Scandinavian apartment is characterized by its subtle and neutral color choices. This white window wall is a perfect match for the white ceiling and balances out the wood flooring. It comes with operable window awnings, allowing you to take advantage of fresh air in the morning.

5. Operable Window Walls

Operable Window Walls

If your apartment is not in a downtown area where air pollution is an issue, this floor to ceiling window apartments can add value to the interior. It features a pair of operable doors that can be closed and opened on your demand so you can enjoy outdoor view and feel the breeze at a time.

These white windows are paired with white walls and neutral furnishings which add a flair of modern. It also brings a clean and sleek look to the interior.

6. Colonial Window Walls

Colonial Window Walls

Colonial floor to ceiling window is a double combo for your classic apartment interior. It helps accentuate the old-school nuance while giving your interior a light shower. This window wall idea is suitable for your living room and bedroom. You can hang sheer curtains to emphasize the classic feeling.

7. Floor to Ceiling for Studio Apartments

Floor to Ceiling for Studio Apartments

Large glass windows can add a visual effect, making your small interior looks larger. Adopt this window wall idea to your studio apartment so it looks brighter and larger. With an unobstructed view, it feels like there are more spaces in your interior.

Window walls are not just aesthetic, it is an architectural trick to transform your boring apartment interior into an attractive space. Find floor to ceiling window apartments idea that meets your personal preferences.

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