How to Make a Wooden Pickaxe in Minecraft

Minecraft is an attractive game in which players are required to craft their own weapon Pickaxe is amongst basic tools for mining ores, rocks, and blocks, either metal-based or rock-based. How to make a wooden pickaxe the right way?

Crafting a wooden pickaxe in Minecraft world is quite simple. If you’re a Minecraft newbie who needs an idea to make your own tool, you’ve come to the right page.

All you have to do is prepare the required items and follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Items to Prepare

There’s a bunch of items you’ll need to prepare before creating a wooden pickaxe. You’re going to build a wooden tool; that’s why wood planks are all you need. Take a closer look at the required items below:

  • Wood
  • Sticks
  • Crafting table

You have different options when it comes to wood, ranging from birch, oak, dark oak, and acacia. Choose a material you wish to create a wooden pickaxe before crafting.

Please note that wood pickaxe is your very first tool to create in Minecraft world. Once you have this weapon, you will be able to upgrade to stone pickaxes, iron pickaxes, and even diamond pickaxes to mine netherite.

How to Make a Wooden Pickaxe in Minecraft

Now that you know everything needed for a pickaxe, you’ll be ready to craft one. If this is your first experience of creating a tool in Minecraft, no need to worry about it. Follow the simple instructions below and find out how easy it is.

1. Get Wood Logs

Get Wood Logs in Minecraft

The very first step of creating a wooden pickaxe is finding wood logs. Now that you’ve chosen a tree punch into it and break it. Collect the wood logs to craft your very own mining tool.

2. Create Wood Planks

Create Wood Planks in Minecraft

You can’t craft a pickaxe directly from wood logs. Instead, you will need to transform wood logs into wood planks. The control may vary depending on your device.

3. Build a Crafting Table

The next step is building a crafting table. Use your planks to create a crafting table in your crafting menu. Prepare a 2 x 2 grid crafting menu and put a plank in each box, then start to create your crafting table.

4. Make Sticks

Making sticks in Minecraft

Another item required for crafting a pickaxe is stick. Instead of getting it directly from the menu, you will have to make it by yourself.

Making sticks is quite simple—go-to crafting table, place a wood plank in a grid and place another one in the upper grid. Your stick is ready to use.

5. Make Your Wooden Pickaxe

Now that you already have a crafting table, you will be ready to create a wooden pickaxe. Prepare three wood planks and two sticks. In a 3 x 3 crafting grid, place your wood planks in a row.

Under the middle of the wood plank, put your sticks—one in each grid. Now your wooden pickaxe is ready.

6. Put into Your Inventory

If you are done with the crafting process, you cannot use it directly. Add this item into your inventory before using it, and it will be ready to use later.

Inventory is kind of a cache where you can store everything, including tools, crafting tables, crafted weapons, and many more.

Do you want to know the attack damage of your wooden pickaxe? Does its power really matter to you? Then you should note that this basic tool is special, and you will get +2 attack damage for using this weapon.

Now that you know how to make a wooden pickaxe in Minecraft, you can use it to mine rocks, blocks, and ores to progress in Minecraft world.

Don’t forget to prepare the required materials and follow the step-by-step instructions above to craft your basic weapon properly.

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