5 Best and Easy-to-Apply Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Bay windows add a beautiful and elegant part to your house. However, if you want to get the best of it, you should know the best window treatments for bay windows.

This article will help you learn more about the treatment you need. Here, we have several examples of the best way to optimize your bay windows.

Using Sheer to Beautify Your Bay Window

One of the best window treatments for bay windows is sheers. This treatment will accentuate the view and create a soft filter for natural light from the outside. Some sheer even have vanes you can flat to create better protection for your privacy.

The sheer is not only creating a good filter for the window. But, it also can improve the aesthetic of the bay windows’ appearance. Moreover, when you open it, it looks beautiful and artistic, when the natural light slowly glows and shines through the window.

Woven Wood Shades Add a Natural Touch

Woven Wood Shades

Wood is always the best choice to create a beautiful appearance that doesn’t look to be forced. It also works on bay windows. Using the woven wood shades, you can add a soft and natural touch to the stiff and classic bay windows.

For the best result, choose wood shades made of bamboo or reeds. They are considered the best for window treatments for bay windows with a natural theme. Plus, they also can protect your privacy well enough.

The Classic Shutters

Shutters are always a beautiful treatment you can use on all windows. Bay windows are no exception. It has many benefits from protection because of its durability and even sound absorption and improving energy efficiency. Of course, it also can cover the windows to protect your privacy.

Some products even can protect your room from UV exposure. We found a shutter that has 99% UV protection. That means you can protect your furniture, floor, and the artwork you have in the room from damage because of sunlight exposure.

Wood Blinds

wood blinds bay window

A wood blind is also another beautiful treatment for bay windows. Find one made of genuine hardwood. It looks beautiful, artistic, and, more importantly, lasts much longer.

However, if you want to give the best window treatments for bay windows with wood blinds, yet you do not have enough budget, you can use the fake one. Use alternative wood blinds made of synthetic material with realistic grain patterns. That will solve your budget problem.

Roman Shades

window treatments for bay windows

Roman shades create a soft and simple shade that highlights the bay windows’ beauty. You can modify it even further by choosing different fabrics with various textures and stripes. You have more freedom to decide what your bay windows look like with them.


In general, those are the best window treatments for bay windows you can use. They are easy to apply without help from a professional. But, it is also not wrong to hire a professional to help you install the addition on your bay windows for better results. Try them now!

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