How to Prevent Mold Growth on Window Sills with Easy Steps

The mold growth in your house should be gotten rid of. The mold is dangerous for your health since it means the moisture is very high. When the mold grows on the window sills, it can decrease the durability. So, you have to know how to prevent mold growth on window sills.

It should be a big attention for the homeowners because window sills are not an obvious place where the mold can grow.

It is barely noticed, but you may spend a lot of money to fix the window. You can follow these steps to prevent mold from growing in it or in your interior in general.

Installing Exhaust Fan

how to prevent mold growth on window sills

Recently, using exhaust fans on the ceiling has been a trend for many houses. It is not only for a public building or the washroom but also for other rooms in general. The exhaust fans will absorb the moisture in the air that causes mold growth in the room.

Besides the ceiling, an exhaust fan is also good when you install it near the window. The humidity around the window is usually higher, so the exhaust fan can decrease the risk of mold growth in that area. It is effective and affordable to prevent its growth.

Having Dehumidifier Unit

Having Dehumidifier Unit

There is another way of how to prevent mold growth on window sills by having a dehumidifier unit in the room. It is very affordable and handy. The weight of this unit varies, and you can choose the best one for the place. It should be put next to the window if possible.

The dehumidifier can absorb moisture in the room, especially during the winter when the mold can grow wildly inside the house. By placing it next to the window, the area around the dehumidifier can be drier and the mold has less risk of growing.

Installing Storm Window

Installing Storm Window

A storm window is an option if you are afraid of high condensation on the window. The high condensation can bring mould growth that leads to low durability. This type of window can be installed outside or inside. It can be replaced when you do not need it anymore.

This type of window has a purpose it can protect the rear window, especially if the frame is wood. The storm window will be a good seal. However, you have to choose the right size, or else you have to customize the storm window for each window.

Opening The Windows

Opening The Windows

When it is possible, always open the window for good ventilation. You allow the air outside to come inside and inside air to go outside. This circulation can prevent mold growth that is usually on the window sills. This suggestion is good when it is not winter or fall.

The methods above are how to prevent mold growth on window sills. When the air is not cold outside, you can open the windows and allow the air from inside and outside to circulate. The mold will not grow when the condition is dry, especially next to the window sills.

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